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Tom Cruise interviewed by Barbara Walters - 3/22/02

Montel Williams "Raised in a Cult" - 3/1/02

Radio Show with Bob Minton & Stacy Brooks - 3/1/02

Vickki Ford and Tory Christman on Radio Show - 2/17/02

Vickki Ford and David Cook Speak Out - 2/13/02

Geraldo Rivera show on cults from 1988 - 1/29/02

Behind the Door - Newscasts about Potter's House - 1/29/02

Bhagwan: My Dance is Complete- 1/16/02

Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond - 1/16/02

The Revenge Picket - 1/9/02

Steve Hassan on the American Taliban - 1/9/02

Site redesigned - 1/8/02

Potter's House newscasts- 12/4/01

Second Panel at the Leo J. Ryan Conference - 12/01/01

Panel at the Leo J. Ryan Conference - 11/30/01

Bob Minton Receives Leo J. Ryan Award - 11/30/01

Mark Bunker Returns to City Commission Meeting - 8/16/01

Mark Bunker at City Commission Meeting - 8/2/01

The 2001 Leipzig Human Rights Award - 7/28/01

Puff Piece Local Newscast about Fort Harrison - 7/19/01

Michael Flynn Responds to a D. A. Pack (1986) - 7/16/01

1986 Class Action Suit is Launched - 7/13/01

Jeff and Mark at City Commission Meeting 7/12/01

Another Jon Stewart "BE" Joke 7/12/01

Third Michael Flynn Update - 1985 7/11/01

Jon Stewart Jokes about "Battlefield Earth" 7/10/01

Michael Flynn Update from 1984 7/10/01

Bent Corydon Interviewed for Splinter Groups 7/10/01

"The Zegel Tapes" Underground Tapes from 80's 7/8/01

Bent Corydon Radio Appearance from 1987 7/7/01

Bent Corydon Speaks to Scientologists in 1984 7/5/01

South Park episode on cults 7/5/01

Michael Flynn 1983 Address to Scientologists 7/3/01

Newscast about a screening of "The Profit" 7/2/01

Tom Leykis Radio Show from 1990 7/2/01

Radio Show about Time Magazine Cover Story 7/1/01

BBC Radio Show "Lives of L. Ron Hubbard" 6/29/01

Heber Jentzsch on 1991 Radio Show 6/29/01

Two 1979 Tom Snyder "Tomorrow Shows" 6/28/01

Two Sketches from Martin Short 6/28/01

New Tory Bezazian Videos 6/27/01

Vivien Interview from Streets of Leipzig 6/3/01

Howard Stern Radio Show Clips 5/31/01

The Jesse Prince Criminal Trial 5/29/01

Jeff Jacobsen Radio Appearance from 1991 5/22/01

Heber Jentzsch Radio Appearance from 1987 5/22/01

Jeff Jacobsen Radio Appearance from 1990 5/21/01

The Opening of Clearwater's Gaslight Alley 5/19/01

Jeff Jacobsen Speaks at the City Commission 5/17/01

Scientology Closes a Street in Clearwater 5/7/01

Lawrence Woodcraft Interview 5/2/01

Dave Touretzky talks about Scientology & the net 5/1/01

Astra and Zoe talk about Lisa McPherson 4/22/01

Astra on the Mace-Kinglsey Ranch 4/22/01

The Howard Stern Radio Show and Travolta 4/22/01

Astra Describes a Typical Day in the Sea Org 4/20/01

Barbara Walters Interviews Travolta and Preston 4/19/01

Zoe Leaves Scientology (Zoe Pt.6) 4/19/01

Zoe Goes to Hawaii (Zoe Pt.5) 4/18/01

Zoe Joins the Cadet Org (Zoe Pt.4) 4/17/01

Zoe Comes to Clearwater (Zoe Pt.3) 4/8/01

Zoe Moves to L.A. (Zoe Pt.2) 4/7/01

Mark Bunker at City Commission Meeting 4/7/01

Zoe Woodcraft Raised at Happy Valley 4/6/01

Peter and Abby Lazarnick Speak Out 4/5/01

More of Astra's Experiences in the Sea Org 4/3/01

New encoding of 1980 60 Minutes Show 4/3/01

Astra's Childhood in the Sea Org 3/29/01

Lawrence Woodcraft on Astra's Story  3/27/01

Astra Woodcraft "The Story of Kate"  3/27/01

Many New Shows on Cults  3/25/01

Process Server delivers injunction at picket  3/18/01

Several Newscasts about Narconon  3/17/01

Newscast about Sally Jesse Raphael Show  3/16/01

More Council Meetings Added  3/15/01

Gabe's 80th Birthday & City Council Meeting  3/14/01

Bob Minton at City Council Meeting  3/13/01

Jeff Jacobsen Interviewed about Coachman Project 3/9/01

Maria Pia Gardini Interview 3/8/01

Ed and Tara Hattaway Share Their Story 3/6/01

The Today Show on Da Free John 3/6/01

Lawrence Woodcraft on the Freewinds 3/2/01

Jeff Jacobsen Speaks at City Commission 3/1/01

Chicago Dentists Defrauded by Scientology 3/1/01

Stacy Brooks and John Carmichael on the Radio 2/26/01

Behind the Scenes in Leipzig 2/25/01

The Trial of the Clearwater 13 2/21/01

Newscasts about L. Ron Hubbard's Death 2/14/01

Scientology and the Clearwater Police 2/1/01

Scientology P.I. Caught Sleeping on Tape 1/29/01

1st Anniversary Toasts 1/19/01

German Show from ZDF 1/11/01

Roger Ebert On Battlefield Earth 1/8/01

Video Made for the LMT First Anniversary 1/7/01

Bob Minton Multimedia Page 12/27/00

Footage from the Lisa McPherson Picket 12/13/00

Speaking Freely - "The OT 7 Panel" 12/8/00

Bob Minton's Speech to CIS - 1998 12/6/00

Peter Alexander & Jeff Jacobsen on the Radio 12/6/00

Jamie Kennedy on the Radio 11/20/00

Benefit Concert Highlights 11/20/00

More info on Benefit Concert 11/2/00

"A Current Affair" on Rama 11/2/00

New England Cable News on Potter's House 11/2/00

"Who is Brother Julius" 11/2/00

Mike Krotz Promotes LMT Benefit Concert 10/27/00

Geraldo Show: "Scientology vs. Prozac" 10/23/00

Steve Hassan Lecture at Harvard on WACO 10/23/00

Fox News piece on destructive cults 10/23/00

Excerpt from 60 Minutes about Aum Shin Rikyo 10/23/00

Arnie Lerma on KGOV Radio Show 10/5/00

Ray and Pam Kemp Lecture 10/5/00

Clearwater Picket Footage 10/4/00

Priscilla Coates Lecture at Cal Tech 9/21/00

Jon Zegel Speaks on Scientology and the Law 9/18/00

New Information on Hammer Attack 9/14/00

Ken Dandar speaks at the 1999 Workshop 9/14/00

Ken Dandar and Mike Rinder on MSNBC 9/14/00

Pat Jones & Brian Anderson in vintage news clip 9/14/00

Is Scientology Above the Law 9/14/00

Stacy Brooks Speaks at a CAN Conference 9/14/00

Stacy Brooks & Greg Barnes on TV Show 9/13/00

Steve Hassan on David Brudnoy Radio Show 8/31/00

Greg & Debra Barnes - "Speaking Freely" 8/30/00

Tory Bezazian - "Speaking Freely" 8/25/00

The LMT Press Conference 8/23/00

Clearwater Picket Footage 8/19/00

Jeff Jacobsen at the City Commission Meeting 8/18/00

Dennis Clarke added to the OT Page 8/14/00

Mary DeMoss and the OT Page 8/11/00

"Magoo - Dancing in Boston" 8/9/00

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