Every morning Howard Stern rules the airwaves with his unique blend of social commentary and comedy.

 Nothing is sacred to Howard, especially Scientology, as you can tell from these clips from his syndicated radio show.



Hearings on Religious Discrimination  9/19/98

During Robin Quiver's newscast she brought up the 1998 Hearings on "Religious Discrimination in Germany" chaired by Alfonse D'Amato.  Scientology celebrities spoke before Congress. 

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Senator Alfonse D'Amato Calls the Show  9/20/98

Senator D'Amato was a frequent guest on Howard Stern's show.  Here Howard and Robin speak to D'Amato the day after he chaired the 1998 Hearings on "Religious Discrimination in Germany."  

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Held Captive in an Org  1998

The talk of Germany's treatment of Scientologists led a listener to call in and tell how he was held against his will in an Org.  Then Howard's producer, Garry, tells how he once interacted with Scientology. 

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The Clay Table  1998

On the same morning as the previous call about a person being held captive, a Scientologist calls into the show.  He tries to explain the concept behind Scientology's use of the Clay Table.  At one point Howard mentions that Travolta named his son Jett because he loves to fly but in reality Jett was named after one of Hubbard's characters in a Sci-Fi book.

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Another Phone Call  1998

Saying "F Jackie" was a running gag on the show.  Jackie Martling was the head writer of the Stern show for years.  Callers started slipping in "F Jackie" which then mutated into "F..." just about anybody or anything.  

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Howard Helps a 400 Pound Woman   1998

A woman comes into the studio hoping that Howard can help her lose weight. 

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Nuclear Weapons  5/12/98

Howard is concerned when Robin reports in her newscast that India has developed nuclear weapons.

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A & E Show  12/16/98

Robin Quivers watched the two hour expose of Scientology on the Arts and Entertainment channel.

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Howard Takes a Relaxation Lesson  1/8/99

Howard makes a brief mention of Scientology in this interview with a "Drum Therapist."

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Rose McGowan on CAN  2/16/99

The actress grew up in another cult, "The Children of God."  She tells Howard how the Scientologists destroyed the Cult Awareness Network and took over it's name.

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Gear List  12/00                                

Gear Magazine published an article about the dangers of Scientology.

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Earl Cooley  (A Sternology Bonus Video)

Howard often unleashes a rant against Earl Cooley, the president of Howard's Alma Mater, Boston University.  Cooley refused to allow a portrait of Howard to hang in the University's radio station.

What Howard doesn't know is that Earl Cooley is also one of Scientology's high paid attorneys.  Cooley is seen here defending Scientology to Mike Wallace in this segment from a 1985 episode of "60 Minutes."  

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John Travolta & Kelly Preston

Travolta is the highest profile Scientology celebrity to actively shill for the organization.  He and his wife often speak on behalf of the group.

  His devotion led him to produce one of the worst films of all time, "Battlefield Earth."


"Mad City" - 1997

Robin plays a clip of Travolta promoting his latest film, then Garry comes in and switches the topic to the Purification Rundown.

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"Primary Colors" - 3/13/98

When Travolta played a thinly disguised version of Clinton in the movie "Primary Colors" it was uncovered that Clinton met with Travolta.  In exchange for a softer portrayal of Clinton in the movie, the President offered to assist the Scientologists with their problems in Germany. 

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George Clooney on Kelly Preston - 3/20/98

When George Clooney stops by the show, Howard presses him on details of his past relationship with Kelly Preston. 

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Travolta and Preston at a Charity Event - 5/13/98

Howard reacts to the news that Travolta and Preston read poetry at a fund-raising event then split for a Scientology event. 

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Travolta Named in Gay Lawsuit - 8/10/98

Howard reads the tabloids and discusses the Michael Pattinson Lawsuit. 

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More Rumors on the Gay Lawsuit - 9/1/98

The Globe reports on the gay rumor. 

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Travolta Appears on Oprah Winfrey - 11/31/98

Robert Duvall and John Travolta appear on "Oprah."  Howard caught the show and shares his comments. 

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"Oprah"  (A Sternology Bonus Video) - 11-30-98

Travolta pushes his upcoming movie of "Battlefield Earth." 

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"Jack Frost" - 12/10/98

Kelly Preston talks about her new movie "Jack Frost."  Howard doesn't get into the holiday spirit. 

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"A Civil Action" - 1/7/99

Howard comments on Travolta's acting and eating skills. 

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"The General's Daughter" - 6/7/99

While promoting his latest movie, Travolta praises L. Ron Hubbard for all the good things that have come his way. 

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Entertainment Weekly's "It List" - 7/99

The latest and greatest make it to Entertainment Weekly's list of hot Hollywood talent.  The magazine has some harsh words for Travolta. 

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Interview with Travolta  (A Sternology Bonus Video)  1/27/01

Howard sends his correspondents out into the field to ask celebrities the most annoying, offensive questions they can think of to catch the celebrities off guard.  


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Garry, the Retard's Birthday - 2/26/99

This bonus clip features a fake Travolta wishing a happy birthday to one of Howard's Whack Pack. 

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"Battlefield Earth"

Travolta's loving tribute to the majestic talent of Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard.


"Battlefield Earth"  Terl Dolls  - 5/10/00

Robin brings up the movie during her newscast.  Travolta pushes the toys from the film and praises L. Ron Hubbard in the days leading up to the release of the film. 

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"Battlefield Earth"  The Phone Call  - 5/15/00

The Monday following the opening of the film, a caller trashes the movie. 

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"Battlefield Earth"  Samuel L. Jackson Visits  - 5/00

Shortly after the film opened, Samuel L. Jackson stopped by to visit. 

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"Battlefield Earth"  Playing Villains  - 5/00

Travolta pushes the movie in clips aired during Robin's newscast. 

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"Battlefield Earth"  Roger Ebert Stops by  - 5/00

Roger Ebert does not have kind words for "Battlefield Earth." 

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"Battlefield Earth"  The New Cardinal  - 5/00

A new Cardinal is named for the New York area.  This leads Howard into some musings about religion. 

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"Battlefield Earth"  Lucky Numbers Delayed  - 5/00

Travolta's next film "Lucky Numbers" was delayed to give the public time to forget about "Battlefield Earth."  The delay didn't help as "Lucky Numbers" bombed as well. 

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"Sneak Preview"  (A Sternology Bonus Video) - 5/9/00

Viewer reactions from outside a theater after a sneak preview showing of "Battlefield Earth." 


"Rosie"  (A Sternology Bonus Video) - 5/9/00

Travolta shows the "Gold Bars" clip.


"Letterman"  (A Sternology Bonus Video) - 5/9/00

Travolta shows the "Drunken Psychlos" clip. 


"Roger Ebert"  (A Sternology Bonus Video) - 5/14/00

Roger Ebert reviews the film and names it to his worst films of the year list. 


"South Park"  (A Sternology Bonus Video) - 6/8/00

Brilliant spoof from the South Park guys which aired during the  MTV Movie Awards. 


"Barbara Walters"  (A Sternology Bonus Video) - 3/21/01

On Oscar night Barbara Walters interviewed Travolta and Preston. 



lookatus.jpg (17119 bytes)

Tom and Nicole

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were mentioned often as trophy Scientologists.  When Tom dumped Nicole it was widely speculated that she had grown weary of Scientology.


"Rainman"  -  3/4/98

Tom Cruise's "dopey smile" sets off Howard. 

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"Eyes Wide Shut" Harvey Keitel Leaves the Film  -  5/13/98

Harvey Keitel left the movie part way through filming and the rumors started flying.

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Nicole Bares All on Broadway  -  12/16/98

Nicole's nude scene in a Broadway show led to a media frenzy.

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"Eyes Wide Shut" -  They Have Sex  -  5/20/99

Tom and Nicole spent two years working on Kubrick's last film.  Tom's sexuality was brought back into play as the publicity centered around Tom and Nicole and the erotic subject matter of the movie.

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"Eyes Wide Shut" -  Phone Caller  -  7/15/99

A caller saw "Eyes Wide Shut" in a preview. 

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"Eyes Wide Shut" -  Chris Rock Comments  -  7/15/99

Chris Rocks questions why you would bother with the film when you could have porn. 

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"Eyes Wide Shut" -  Opening of the Film  -  7/15/99

Robin reports about the opening of the film and Tom's desire to do a musical.

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"Eyes Wide Shut" -  News Item  -  7/18/99

Robin's newscast features another story about the opening of the movie. 

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"Eyes Wide Shut" -  Working with Kubrick  -  7/22/99

The film was still in the theater as Cruise continued to promote. 

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Rumors Spread about Tom and Nicole  -  5/3/00

A tabloid reports that Tom and Nicole are leaving Scientology.  The rumor spread far and wide before Tom Cruise's people demanded retractions. 

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Tom and Nicole Split  -  2/6/01

A caller brings up the news of Tom and Nicole's separation. 

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Newscast on the Split  -  2/6/01

Robin and Howard discuss the financial aspects of the split.. 

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Day Two of the Split  -  2/7/01

Howard starts the show by saying he is obsessed with the divorce then brings the subject up again later in the show. 

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Divorce Papers are Filed  -  2/8/01

The most important story of the day continues to consume Howard who brings it up at the top of the show.  Robin later reports on the divorce during the news.

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Jenna Elfman

The "Dharma and Greg" star is the newest high profile member to actively promote Scientology.


"The Golden Globes"  -  1/26/99

Jenna Elfman received the Golden Globe for "Dharma and Greg."  Her appearance was extra wacky as you can see from the above picture. 

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"EdTV"   -  3/25/99

Ron Howard appeared on the show to push "EdTV."  Howard switches the topic to Tom and Nicole. 

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"Ed TV"  News Item  -  3/28/99

During Robin's newscast, she plays clips of Jenna doing press for the movie. 

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Jenna's Reactive Mind at Work  -  5/26/99

Howard explains what is going on inside Jenna's mind. 

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Jenna Hosts the Emmys  -    9/12/99               

Jenna is getting increasingly annoyed at Jenna.  When Jenna co-hosts the Emmy Awards, Howard can't take it anymore. 

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"Keeping the Faith"  -  11/00                             

Jenna treats all religions with respect and wouldn't think of "joking and degrading" any of them.

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Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley came to Scientology through their drug rehab program, Narconon and is an outspoken proponent of the group.


"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"  -  12/3/98

A book about Star Trek features Kirstie's comments about Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. 

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The Mike Walker Game   -  4/16/99

A game focusing on gossip from the pages of the National Enquirer features a bit about Kirstie and Scientology. 

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Leah Remini

Leah is the co-star of the CBS sitcom "The King of Queens."

She is the first Scientologist to appear on Stern's show and admit she is in the organization.


Leah Remini Appears in the Studio  -  5/18/01          

Mike Walker from the National Enquirer is on the phone as the gang discusses Scientology with Leah.

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Sonny Bono & Mary Bono

Scientologist Sonny Bono made it into Congress before dying in a skiing accident.  Although Mary Bono took some courses she later distanced herself from Scientology in an article in George Magazine.


Sonny was Hooked on Drugs  -  11/20/98

After Sonny's death, Mary Bono told TV Guide that Sonny was hooked on prescription drugs. 

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Mary Bono on Clinton's Affairs   -  12/4/98

Mary Bono took over Sonny's Congressional seat after his death and was almost immediately on the impeachment panel deciding Clinton's fate.  She now says she is sorry for the comments she made about Sonny's drug use.

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Tabloid News Story  -  12/14/99

Mary's post on the Clinton Impeachment panel led to increased scrutiny into her private life.  The Globe reports on an alleged affair.  Includes bonus goofs on John Travolta.

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The CNN Profile  -  12/15/98

CNN did a lengthy profile of Mary Bono.  Howard shares his opinions.   

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CNN Newscast  (A Sternology Bonus Video) - 12-13-98

This is the newscast which provoked Howard's comments. 

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Impeachment Process  -  12/15/98

Mary Bono's involvement in the impeachment process provokes more comments from Howard during Robin's newscast. 

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Greta Van Susteran

The co-host of CNN's "Burden of Proof" is a long time Scientologist.  She and her attorney husband, John Coale, were recently defrauded out of big money by Scientologist Reed Slatkin


Reporting on the Marv Albert Case  -  1997

Howard got a fax saying Greta is a Scientologist.  When Gary tells how Greta is browbeating the staff of the Stern show, he doesn't know that this is a behavior taught by Scientology.

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Frank Stallone

Sylvester Stallone's brother was in Scientology back in the 70's.


Frank Stallone Appears in the Studio  -  7/30/98

When a caller identifies Stallone as a Scientologist, he denies any connection.

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Newscasts from Portland  (A Sternology Bonus Video)

News reports from the Portland area covers the crusade Stallone mentioned on the Howard Stern show.  Stallone is seen in the reports. 

Added Bonus:

Stallone Sings the Songs of L. Ron Hubbard

Straight from Scientology's own site!  You can't make music this bad...but Hubbard could.



Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry dabbled briefly and took a few courses but he is not a current Scientologist.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Jason Alexander Outs Jerry  -  4/14/99

Jason lets it slip out that Jerry had done some Scientology courses.

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Ginger Spice

One of the Spice Girls recently started taking courses.


Ginger Spice Studies Scientology  -  8/10/98

In this clip, Howard and Robin talk about Seinfeld and his girlfriend and the news that Ginger Spice is now a Scientologist.

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A Very Special Sternology Bonus Video


Mira, The Whacked Out Cabbie  - 1998

This video clip features a former Scientologist who now drives a New York cab.  She  thinks she is married to Steven Seagal.  She is delusional but even she knows Scientology is a cult.

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