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Bob Minton has been profiled in print and on TV, in the U.S. and abroad.  His courageous stance against the Scientology organization started when he spoke out against Scientology's attempts to shut down an internet newsgroup, alt.religion.scientology, in 1995.   

Intrigued by a group that would go to such lengths to silence its critics, Bob contacted some of the victims of Scientology to find out more about it. Upon learning firsthand the true nature of Scientology, Bob set out to help those who have been victimized and prevent others from suffering the same fate.

CIS Speech 1998

  Bob Minton detailed the reasons for his activism at the Annual Conference of CIS, the Cult Information Services  in 1998.

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In his speech Bob quoted from an editorial in the St. Petersburg Times that asked  "Can Anyone Stand Up to Scientology?"

Read the St. Pete Times Editorial  

A week later, the New York Times followed up with its  own editorial from Frank Rich.

Read the New York Times Editorial

Many people have stood up to Scientology and continue to do so, but no one has invested as much time, energy and money as Bob.  

In his CIS speech, Bob mentioned that a German TV show was airing the night of his speech.   That show profiled Bob Minton.

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Bob Minton at Fort Harrison Hotel

"Dateline NBC" also ran a lengthy report on Bob.  The show originally aired on June 16, 1998.  The broadcast is available online, but not through our site.

If you would like to watch NBC's Dateline piece entitled "The Crusader," copy and paste this url into your browser:

Bob Minton has frustrated and enraged Scientology by leveling the playing field.  No longer can Scientology follow Hubbard's policy that calls for them to destroy  their critics -- as Hubbard specifically instructed, "ruin them utterly."  

Nowhere is the danger of Scientology clearer than in the horrifying circumstances of Lisa McPherson's tragic death.  After her family had already brought a civil suit for wrongful death against Scientology, Bob called Lisa's  relatives and asked if he could help.  Since then, Bob has generously financed the civil case against Scientology. 

In December 1997, The New York Times published an article about Bob's involvement in the Scientology issue, including the Lisa McPherson case.

Read the New York Times Article

Every year, people travel to Clearwater from around the world to mark the anniversary of Lisa's death at Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel.  


View the 1997 picket.

View the 2000 picket

In December of 1998, Bob Minton was interviewed about the Lisa McPherson picket by the local news.

View the newscasts. 


Bob in front of Clearwater Courthouse

Bob lived in Boston for a number of years, so the Boston media have been interested in his experiences with Scientology.   

Read the Boston Globe article about Bob.

Greater Boston

  When the Boston PBS affiliate wanted to do a show about Scientology, they invited Bob to be a guest.

View "Greater Boston" 

Also appearing on the Greater Boston show were Scientologists Sylvia Stannard and Frank Offman, both members of Scientology's infamous intelligence arm known as the Office of Special Affairs, or OSA. Little did Bob know what an impact Frank Offman would later have on him. 

A year after the taping of "Greater Boston," Bob and Jesse Prince were picketing outside the Boston Scientology Org when Bob was attacked by Frank Offman.  In watching the video of the event it is very evident that these OSA operatives were under orders to orchestrate an incident that would result in Bob's being arrested.  They succeeded.

OSA hoped to use this videotape, shot by another OSA operative, Kevin Hall, to get Bob convicted of battery.  (Viewer discretion advised.)

View the Boston Assault


Frank Offman in Bob's face

But after hearing from Bob's attorney that the videotape showed the two OSA operatives repeatedly assaulting Bob, the judge threw out the charges against Bob. 

Frank Offman

  The New England Cable News Network ran a story about what had happened.  

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Bob later picketed again at the Boston Org. He videotaped his encounters for Mark Bunker's website, XENU TV.

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Scientologists at Boston Org

The Scientologists act aggressively at these pickets because they are following L. Ron Hubbard's directive:  "Always attack, never defend."  They are told that anyone who attacks Scientology is a criminal and thus they feel justified in their attacks.

  The attacks happen not just at pickets but in the media as well.  In this radio broadcast from Los Angeles, OSA operative John Carmichael viciously attacked Bob.

Listen to the Radio Show

As Board Members of FACTnet, Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks were invited to speak at the Leo J. Ryan Conference in January of 1999.  John Carmichael and Sylvia Stannard were two of the Scientology operatives who attended the event to monitor it for OSA.

Bob Minton gave an opening night address and Stacy Brooks led members of FACTnet on a panel about the use of the internet to inform people about Scientology.

View Highlights of the Conference


Leo. J. Ryan Conference

At the Leo J. Ryan Conference, Bob and Stacy met Mark Bunker, who is now in charge of LMT Media.  Bob provided Mark with the patented MintonCam, a video camera used to document Scientology's abuses.

Bob and "Croc"

  After Mark was assaulted by Scientologists in Los Angeles on the Fourth of July Weekend, 1999, Bob, Stacy and Mark flew to Clearwater for a picket.

View the picket

By mid 1999, Bob made the decision to establish a watchdog group to help people who have been abused by Scientology. Because it had been the dying wish of Lisa McPherson's mother to provide this kind of assistance, he received permission from Lisa's aunt, Dell Leibreich, to name the organization after Lisa. He also decided to establish the group where it would help as many Scientologists as possible -- in Clearwater, Florida. 

This was how the Lisa McPherson Trust was created.  As the team assembled in Clearwater in December 1999, Bob Minton and some future LMT staff members informed the participants of a "Say No to Drugs" race that it was sponsored by Scientology.  

The runners were also not told that the proceeds went to various Scientology front groups.

View the picket


"Say No to Drugs" race

Bob Minton tried to lease space in downtown Clearwater for the LMT offices, but Scientology threatened the property owners and forced them to refuse to rent to him. Undeterred, Bob decided to purchase a building in downtown Clearwater, as close to the Scientology buildings as possible.

  Despite Scientology's best efforts to thwart the deal, on January 5, 2000, Bob became the owner of a building at 33 N. Fort Harrison Avenue in Clearwater, two doors down from Scientology's Office of Special Affairs.

View the opening of the Trust

There is a small side street shared by Scientology and the LMT named Watterson Street.   Shortly after the LMT opened, Watterson became the center of attention as the Trust held picket signs up to try to communicate with the Scientologists getting off the buses for dinner.  

Scientology responded to the picket by calling the police.  The head of OSA, Mike Rinder, tried to convince the police to arrest Trust members. 

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Mike Rinder

Scientology convinced the city of Clearwater to paint white lines across Watterson and on the sidewalks on both sides of the street to keep the staff of the LMT from walking past any Scientologists. 

White Lines on Watterson Street

  Clearwater City Manager Mike Roberto (since resigned) was on hand to help the Scientologists in any way he could.

View the white lines video

After just a few weeks in Clearwater it became clear to us that the relationship between the city and Scientology had changed dramatically.  Mike Roberto and his assistants had actively tried to prevent us from leasing or purchasing property at the suggestion of Scientology.

Bob and Stacy asked for a meeting with Mike Roberto.  Through mix-ups in the mail, it was thought that Roberto was avoiding meeting with the Trust.   Later, when the meeting actually occurred, Roberto threatened to shut us down if we interfered with his plans for downtown.

Prior to that meeting, Bob Minton spoke for the first time at a Clearwater City Commission Meeting.  

Bob Minton in the Commission Chambers

  To do so, he and Stacy had to leave in the middle of Gabe Cazares' 80th birthday Party but they returned to fill everyone in on the proceedings.

View the events

Prior to the LMT's opening, Scientology orchestrated another arrest against Bob Minton for "battery."  Once the arrest occurred, Scientology convinced a judge to grant them an injunction to keep Bob Minton away from Scientology's property. 

Bob was to stay 10 feet away from the Scientologists...they were to stay 20 feet away from Bob.

Scientology later convinced the judge to add other LMT members to the injunction.  The local news reported on the additions.

 View the newscasts


Judge Penick

Refusing to plea bargain, Bob went to trial on battery charges for the incident that occurred between him and OSA operative Richard Howd.  Attorney Denis deVlaming clearly explained to the jury how Bob was set up by OSA.  In educating the jury about the policies of Scientology, Denis was able to show that Scientology was trying to manufacture evidence against Bob to label him a criminal. DeVlaming was able to show the jury that this was based on policy by Hubbard that "anyone who criticizes Scientology is a criminal."

Denis deVlaming


The jury found Bob not guilty after only thirty minutes of deliberation. One member of the jury said she felt Bob had been set up, and others expressed concerns that Scientology would come after them. The local media reported on the not-guilty verdict. 

View the newscasts

It is interesting to take the pulse of the city of Clearwater when Bob and others picket downtown.  From the sound of the car horns as folks drive by, they appreciate what we are trying to do.

This was especially true on April 28, 2000 as the car horns often drowned out our voices as we spoke.

View the picket


 Clearwater Picket

For the second year in a row, Bob was invited to come address the Leo J. Ryan Conference in Stamford, Connecticut.  

Leo J. Ryan Speech

  Stacy again conducted a panel discussion about the importance of the internet in sharing information about cults.  Other speakers included Stephen Kent and Dr. Robert J. Lifton.

View highlights of the Conference

Stamford was just the first travel destination for the LMT in 2000.  In June, Bob, Stacy, Jesse and Mark visited Leipzig, Germany, where Bob was presented with the first Alternative Charlemagne Award.

The award was presented to Bob by Ursula Caberta, the Director of the Task Force on Scientology from Hamburg, Germany. 

View the Award Ceremony


Bob with Ursula Caberta

Ursula is a very good friend of Bob's and other staff at the LMT, so she was invited to visit Clearwater on her vacation. 

Ursula at the Airport

  When Ursula arrived in July, OSA operative AL Buttnor organized a group of Scientologists to harass her at the Tampa Airport.

View Highlights of Ursula's Trip

Ursula's visit to Clearwater coincided with an important election in the city.  Downtown Clearwater has been practically deserted for years save for the troops of Sea Org members walking through the streets.  The city manager, Mike Roberto, struck a deal with out of town developers in which the city would have given the developers a lease on much of the downtown for a dollar a year.  The people of Clearwater voted down this proposal saying it would only benefit Scientology.

Bob Minton spoke about that vote at a Clearwater City Council Meeting days after that vote and very shortly before Ursula's arrival.  Al Buttnor again orchestrated a Scientology response.  This time to Bob's comments.

View the City Council Meeting


Bob at City Council Meeting

The attacks on Bob Minton by Scientology continued to escalate after the LMT opened its doors.  OSA attempted to get him indicted on bogus money-laundering charges stemming from debt buy-back transactions in which was involved in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

Scientology used John Fashanu, a Nigerian who became a soccer star in England, as  a front man for a report put together by Scientology P.I. David Lee.  The "Fashanu Report," as it became known, is still being used by Scientology to libel Bob even months after the Nigerian Senate investigated the report and announced that Bob had actually saved the government five billion dollars with his deals.

One of the first reporters to be duped by Scientology with the Fashanu Report, George Noah, later discovered the truth and wrote a lengthy article about Scientology's under-handed dealings.

Professor Aluko of the Nigerian Democratic Movement invited Fashanu and Bob Minton to debate at Washington D.C.'s George Washington University.  Bob immediately accepted.

Fashanu also quickly agreed to show up with his "investigator" but when it was discovered that his investigator's true identity was known, Fashanu later backed out.

Bob attended the debate as promised and spent four hours discussing the work he did for the Nigerian government, providing documentation to all who asked.

View the Fashanu "Debate"


Professor Aluko and Bob

When Bob returned to Clearwater, he found that the rank and file members of Scientology had been briefed on the Fashanu Report.  They used it and other material during a picket in which the Scientologists had clearly been ordered to provoke Bob into another incident. 

Scientologist Mary DeMoss

  For this picket, Scientology went all out and filled the sidewalk in front of the Fort Harrison Hotel with dozens of cult members chanting insulting slogans.

View the July 26 picket

Many of the Scientologists attacking Bob in this picket may some day realize that they have been lied to by Scientology and come to the LMT for help.  That was just the case with Tory Bezazian, a thirty-year veteran of Scientology who last year fought against the critics and this year became one. 

Tory Bezazian was one of the most respected members of Scientology in L.A. and we can see why.  She has quickly become a beloved figure around the Trust.

Tory uses the nickname Magoo on the internet (as a tribute to her dad who was also known as Magoo).  When Tory joined Bob and Stacy for a picket up in Boston she surprised even herself by joining in.

View "Magoo's First Picket"


Tory Bezazian

In November, Mike Krotz and Mr. Scary Productions held a benefit concert for the LMT.  The host of the event was Jamie Kennedy, a slam-poet from the San Francisco area who happens to be the great-grandson of Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. 

Benefit Concert

  We all enjoyed meeting Jamie Kennedy, who did a great job as master of ceremonies.  Toward the end of the all-day event, Jamie invited Bob, Stacy and Jesse up onto the stage.

View Highlights of the Concert

Scientology tried everything they could to stop the concert but it was a great success.

As the new year of 2001 opened, The LMT celebrated it's first Anniversary!

View our Anniversary Celebration


Anniversary Toasts

Try as they might, Scientology has been unable to derail the LMT which continues to expose the abusive and deceptive practices of Scientology even while fending off lawsuit after lawsuit from the cult.  

Bob on the Witness Stand

  In February, 13 people faced trial in Clearwater over alleged violations of an injunction placed into effect before the December, 2000 Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket.

View Portions of the Trial

Scientology continues to try to silence the LMT and those who come here for aid but we will continue to speak out till the reforms of Scientology are implemented.


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