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Clearwater Picket - September 19, 2000


Heading Out

Members of the LMT join some local citizens who wished to picket Scientology.  "Steve" is the first Scientology handler to arrive at the Fort Harrison.




Richard Hurst 

Richard Hurst of Scientology's Foundation for Religious Tolerance handles Patricia Greenway.  Then he zeros in on a Clearwater resident out for her first picket. 




Steve and Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander and Patricia Greenway and their feature-film production company are targets of Scientology.  Steve tries to turn Peter against Patricia. 




Hans Bschorr and Tory

Tory Bezazian used to volunteer to be a handler for OSA and so she knows all about the party line that Hans uses against her. 




Richard Tinklenberg

While Steve is handling Stacy Brooks and Jesse Prince, they stumble upon Tinklenberg who was in Treasury at ASI and spent time in the RPF.

Vaughn Young on Tinklenberg and the RPF




Mary DeMoss Arrives

Mary DeMoss shows up with a new look and heads straight for Patricia Greenway.   




Mary DeMoss and Tory

Mary may have met her match when she decides to handle Tory Bezazian. 





Mary DeMoss starts circling Mark Bunker's camera as she continues her attacks.




Heading Back 

As a storm looms, the picket draws to a close. 




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