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"Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard"



Interview with David Miscavige


A Biography of L. Ron Hubbard

U.S. Broadcasts


A an excerpt from a show featuring an interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

December 20, 1998

A show from the 80's with L. Ron Hubbard Jr. and a full hour from 1998.

60 Minutes
December 22, 1985

Paulette Cooper and Gabe Cazares are two of the people interviewed for this look at Scientology.

60 Minutes
December 28, 1997

Scientology destroys the original Cult Awareness Network and replaces it with their own cult-friendly version.

A & E  "Inside Scientology"
December 14, 1998

Two hour special with an interview with David Miscavige.

Dateline NBC  "The Crusader"
June 16, 1998

Bob Minton is the focus of this lengthy report.

Greater Boston  "Bob Minton"
December 16, 1997

Bob Minton is interviewed on this local PBS show.

Nightline  "David Miscavige"
February 14, 1992

The first on camera interview of David Miscavige.

Newscasts about Lisa McPherson

Lisa McPherson died after being held for 17 days at Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida.

Newscasts about Narconon

Narconon, a front group for Scientology, is a drug rehab program that is very controversial.  Here are several newscast about the program including one that features a clip of Children on the RPF.

Geraldo "Scientology vs. Prozac"

After Time Magazine ran their cover story on Scientology, Geraldo interviewed Heber Jentzsch and Steve Hassan.

Sally Jesse Raphael
July 9, 1991

Sally Jesse was sued over this broadcast on which the producers used a hidden camera to tape a conversation between a daughter and her Scientologist mother.  Also featured was Roxanne Friend who died of cancer after following Scientology's auditing treatments.

Pinellas Extra
August 19 & September 13, 2000

Two local Tampa Bay talk shows about the Scientology front group, "Foundation for Religious Tolerance."

PBS Late Night
May 24, 1983

Robert Vaughn Young and Ron DeWolf (L Ron Hubbard Jr.) appear on this PBS talk show.  Vaughn at the time was a PR spokesperson for the church and perhaps the best they ever had.

The Tomorrow Show
August 17, 1979  &  September, 1979

Two shows hosted by Tom Snyder feature Scientology's President, Heber Jentzsch.  Audio only.

Entertainment Tonight 

Three stories from the entertainment world.

MTV "The Cult Question"
June 27, 1995

MTV show on New Religions.  Plus un-edited interview with Stacy Brooks.

Morning Break  "L. Ron Hubbard Jr."

L. Ron Hubbard Jr. and Vaughn Young appear.

Blockbuster Awards
June 16, 1999

John Travolta receives an award and thanks LRH.

International Broadcasts

"The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard"

The only time Hubbard allowed an outside crew to interview him.

"World in Action"  -  Granada Television  -  England

"Inside the Church of Scientology"

Hidden cameras go inside the London Org.

"The Big Story"  -  ITV  -  England

"The S Files"

The Big Story covers Scientology's financial misdoings.

"The Big Story"  -  ITV  -  England

"The Road to Total Freedom"

Heber Jentzsch appears.

"Panorama"  -  BBC  -  England

Secret Lives
November 19, 1997

Hannah Whitfield is interviewed along with Forrest J.  Ackerman.

Channel 4  -  England

"The Cult Business"

A look into Scientology.

Television South 

"Bob Minton"
April 19, 1998

This German Broadcast was dubbed for a showing for the National Press Corps.

WDR  -  Germany

"Is Scientology Above the Law?"
May 9, 1999

Australian TV dubbed an English soundtrack for this show from France.  It deals with the stolen documents in a French court case and other legal issues.

Download the Hi-Band version if possible because there are many subtitles to read.

France 2  -  1999

"The Late, Late Show"

A lively talk show from Ireland featuring panel members and audience participation.

"Talk Show"

A portion of an Oprah type talk show.

"Network First "

Vaughn Young and Stacy Brooks demonstrate the Comm Course.

"Jesse Prince in Denmark"

Jesse Prince talks about his experiences in Scientology.

"The Dark Side of Scientology"

This German Language show was dubbed into English for the web.

WDR  -  Germany

Missing In Happy Valley 

Peter Reichelt and Ina Brockmann explore the RPF.

The Fifth Estate
November, 1985

L. Ron Hubbard Jr. and Heber Jentzsch appear.  The quality of the videotape is poor.

"NOTS Clay Table Demo"

A very short clip which demonstrates the use of the Clay Table in NOTS auditing.  

In German with English subtitles.  Thanks to Heidrun Beer for the clip.

Joking and Degrading

Millennium  "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense"
November 16, 1997

The opening sequence of Darin Morgan's brilliant satire of Scientology. 

Upright Citizen's Brigade  "Pyschotonomy"
December 20, 1999

A very funny sketch from an improv comedy troupe.

Martin Short as "Jiminy Glick"

Martin Short plays idiot entertainment reporter, Jiminy Glick in these sketches from his talk show and Comedy Central spin-off.

South Park - "Blainetology"

South Park tackles the problem of cults as the children get involved in Blainetology.  Oddly, Chef (Scientologist Isaac Hayes) does not appear in this episode.

Battlefield Earth Coverage

Rosie O'Donnell Show  "John Travolta"
May 9, 2000

John Travolta shows the "Gold Bars" clip.

Sneak Preview Reactions   
May 9, 2000

Audience members interviewed after a Sneak Preview of BE.

Roger Ebert and the Movies
May 14, 2000 and January 7, 2001

Roger has some very harsh words for BE in both his original review when the film was released and at the end of the year when Battlefield Earth made it onto his list of the "Worst Films of the Year."

MTV Movie Awards  "South Park Spoof"
June 8, 2000

Chef does not appear in this spoof of BE.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
July 9, 2001

A year after the film was released it still generates laughs.

Barbara Walters Interview
March 21, 2001

On Oscar night, Barbara interviews John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Radio Shows

KFI - Los Angeles, CA  
May 5, 1991

Heber Jentzsch, Dennis Erlich and Priscilla Coates

KABC "Michael Jackson" - Los Angeles, CA  
May 6, 1991

Cynthia Kisser from the original Cult Awareness Network and Heber Jentzsch call into the show.

KFI "Tom Leykis" - Los Angeles, CA
June 14, 1990

A very good show featuring Jerry Whitfield and Scientologist Mike Jones.  Listen to part 6 for a call from an anguished grandmother.

KPFC "Hour 25" - Los Angeles, CA
December 4, 1987

Bent Corydon discusses his book "Messiah or Madman" on this sci-fi based talk show hosted by J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5.

KFI - Los Angeles  "John and Ken Show"
December 23, 1998

Bob Minton is the guest.  John Carmichael attacks.

KABC - Los Angeles  "Dennis Prager"
December 1, 1997

Heber Jentzsch and Professor Stephen Kent.

KFI - Los Angeles, CA "Karel and Andrew"
May 13, 2000

Live remote broadcast from in front of the Dianetics center on Hollywood Blvd after "Battlefield Earth" opens.

WMNF - Tampa, FL   "Radioactivity"
November 30, 2000

Peter Alexander and Jeff Jacobsen appear as guests.

WMNF - Tampa, FL   "Radioactivity"
December 3, 1998

Stacy Brooks and Jesse Prince are the guests.

WMNF - Tampa, FL   "Radioactivity"
December 4, 1997

Birgitta Dagnell, Arnie Lerma, Martin Ottman, plus Sylvia Stannard from Scientology.

KTAR   "The Ed Bush Show"
December 27, 1987

Heber Jentzsch appears on the syndicated show from Dallas, Texas.

KXEG  "Contact Arizona"
May 7, 1991

The week following the Time Magazine cover story on Scientology, Jeff Jacobsen appeared on this Phoenix radio show.

KGOV.com   "The Bob Enyart Show"

Arnie Lerma is interviewed.  Mark Dallara calls in.

Talk America  "Engelman Overnight"
February 2, 2000

Arnie Lerma is the guest.  Mark Bunker calls in.

Talk America   "The Spiritual Seeker"
May 21, 2000

Tail end of a show with Heber Jentzsch.

WRUF - Gainesville, FL   "Lewis at Large"
December 29, 1998

Jim Beebe is interviewed.

The Morning Show
October 5, 1997

Brian Anderson does PR for Scientology.

WFLA - Tampa, Florida
March 9, 2001

Jeff Jacobsen is interviewed about being denied the right to purchase a memorial brick for Lisa McPherson.


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