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Bob Minton Harassment Timeline  

Scientology has a long history of attacking people who speak out about the organization's deception and abuse. Former Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares and author Paulette Cooper were major targets. Now Scientology has launched an onslaught of global attacks against Bob Minton.

David Cook and Vickki Ford Speak Out About Scientology  

OT VIIs David Cook and Vickki Ford were declared Suppresive Persons by the Church of Scientology in October of 2001. Now they are both speaking out

Former Members of the Rama Behera cult are interviewed  

This cult is based in the small town of Shawano, Wisconsin. Elina Lane and Gaeland Priebe tell shocking tales of abuse and control at the hands of Rama Behera.

Bob Minton Receives the 2001 Leo J. Ryan Award  

Bob Minton was given an award at this year's Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

"Growing Up in Scientology"

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Lawrence, Astra and Zoe Woodcraft joined Stacy Brooks and Tory Bezazian on two panels at the Leo J. Ryan Conference.

The 2001 Leipzig Human Rights Award  

Bob Minton had the honor of presenting this years award to Dr. Norbert Blum in the historic city of Leipzig, Germany.

Highlights of the award ceremony are available online in the RealVideo format.

Scientology Minister Accused of Ponzi Scheme  

Reed Slatkin, cofounder of Earthlink and an ordained Scientology minister, is under investigation for defrauding investors in potentially the largest Ponzi Scheme ever.

For up to the minute information, we highly recommend the Reed Slatkin Media Resource website:

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