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Magoo: Dancing in Boston"


Speaking Freely
A New Video Series

The LMT presents a new series of interviews with former members speaking out about their experiences in and out of organized Scientology.

Scientology and the Clearwater Police

A video documentary showing the influence of Scientology's money and power in Clearwater, Florida

Original Videos

The Trip to Clearwater
July 9-11, 1999

Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks and Mark Bunker visit Clearwater, Florida one week after Mark had been assaulted by Scientologists.

The Leo J. Ryan Conference
February 12-14, 1999

Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks participated in the first gathering of this new organization dedicated to helping thjose abused by cults.

The LMT Purchases a Building
January 5, 2000

Scientology tried to stop us, but we managed to buy a building from a local CPA.  

The White Lines
January 14, 2000

Former City Manager Mike Roberto was convinced by Scientology to paint white lines on the side street shared by the LMT and Scientology.  These lines were a unique "Bus Unloading Zone" unlike any other in the city.  

Members of the LMT were informed that we would be arrested if we stepped between those lines.  

The rules would change daily.  Some days they would stop every citizen from crossing the lines, others days just us.  Scientology went on to hire off duty police to sit at those lines to make sure we wouldn't cross them...or more specifically to record if we accidentally crossed them so that report could be used against us in court.

Mark Bunker Arrested in Chicago
January 25, 2000

While in Chicago to interview Barbara and Bill Zizic about the Marcus Group (a Scientology front group which targets dentists and other professionals) Mark was placed under arrest by two off duty police officers paid by Scientology.

Mark Bunker Attacked with a Hammer
February 1, 2000

One week after the arrest in Chicago, Mark Bunker found himself in trouble again as a man with a hammer struck  at his camera.  The man was Richard Barnard and ultimately the state did nothing to him for this attack.

View video from the attack, hear the 911 call, see a TV newscast.  Read the official reports and see what happened to attacker Richard Barnard.

The Great Chase
March 4, 2000

Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks report to the police that they are being followed throughout Clearwater.

The Leo J. Ryan Conference
March 17 - 19, 2000

Members of the LMT attended the conference and spoke on panels.

The LMT in Leipzig
June 1-2, 2000

Bob Minton received the first "Alternative Charlemagne Award" in Leipzig, Germany.  See the ceremony and meet some European critics who have been affected by Scientology.

The Nigerian Debate
June 11, 2000

Scientology has tried to frame Bob Minton for crimes against the people of Nigeria.  When Bob accepted an invitation to debate the people behind this scam, Scientology and their front man John Fashuna failed to show up.

Ursula Caberta's Visit to Clearwater
July 25, 2000

The head of Hamburg's Task Force on Scientology visited Clearwater and caused quite a stir.  Watch the Press Conference, media coverage and behind the scenes footage.

Dancing in Boston
August 8, 2000

Tory Bezazian was a member of Scientology for 30 years before she left and visted the LMT. She has become a dear friend. This page features many of the videos she has done for us.

Benefit Concert for the LMT
November 11, 2000

Mike Krotz and Mr. Scary Productions held a benefit concert for the LMT.

The First Anniversary of the LMT
January 6, 2001

Friends gather to celebrate our first anniversary.

The Opening of the Gaslight Alley
May 17, 2001

Scientology exerts influence in the beautification of an alley next to one of their Clearwater properties.

The 2001 Leipzig Human Rights Award
June 9, 2001

Bob Minton presented this human rights award to Dr. Norbert Blum in a ceremony held again in Leipzig, Germany.

The Leo J. Ryan Conference
October 26 - 28, 2001

The Woodcraft family and Tory Bezazian joined LMT members for this cult conference

LMT In the News

Newscasts concerning the Trust and it's members.

Mark Bunker Attacked with a Hammer

February 2, 2000

The White Lines

February 4, 2000

The Clearwater Four

February 9, 2000

Clearwater City Commission Meetings

The LMT gets involved in local politics.


Video cameras are rolling every time someone pickets the Scientology Corporation.  Scientology sends their tapes to OSA headquarters...we put ours on the web for the world to see.

Lectures and Panels

An archive of important speeches and panels concerning the Scientology organization.

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