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The 1982 Clearwater Hearings



The Trial of the Clearwater 13


Deposition of Heber Jentzsch

The Clearwater Hearings
May, 1982

The Clearwater City Commission invited attorney Michael Flynn to come before the city to present witnesses and evidence about the criminal nature of Scientology after the cult's top leaders went to jail.

The week's worth of testimony aired live on the local cable system.

Trial Videos

The Trial of the Clearwater 13
February, 2001

Clearwater, FL

Scientology attempts to have thirteen picketers found in contempt of court for breaking an injunction.  The Judge fines two picketers while issuing harsh words for the Scientologists and the Clearwater Police.


The Trial of Jesse Prince
May 23-24, 2001

Clearwater, FL

Scientology hired Private Investigators to follow Jesse Prince for months.  Barry Gaston used the pseudonym "Rinzi Trinidad" to befriend Jesse and ultimately got Jesse arrested by the Largo police for possession of a marijuana plant by his pool.

All of this was an attempt to discredit Jesse as a witness in an upcoming civil suit brought by the family of Lisa McPherson against Scientology.


Bob Minton Found Not Guilty
May 23, 2000

Local Tampa Newscasts

Bob Minton went on trial for the "assault" of Scientologist Richard Howd of the Office of Special Affairs.  The jury of six heard testimony about the practices of OSA stalking, investigating and harassing Scientology's critics.  

The jury very quickly found Bob not guilty.


Vaughn Young
December 28, 1993

Los Angeles, CA

Robert Vaughn Young was questioned by Scientology for the Lisa McPherson civil trial...even though he has absolutely no connection to the case.

Although he was deposed for six days, only one day's worth of video currently is available.

Heber Jentzsch
December 28, 1993

Los Angeles, CA

Attorney Graham Berry had the opportunity to question the figurehead President of the Church of Scientology.

Legal Cases

Class Action Lawsuit - Michael Flynn

In the early to mid 80's, after the revelations that Scientology had committed major crimes which led to the arrest of ten top Scientology officials (including L. Ron Hubbard's wife), a group of Scientologists gathered to launch a class action lawsuit.

Attorney Michael Flynn had enormous success winning case after case against Scientology.  In these recordings, he recounts what is happening with those various cases.  Those early briefings convinced the Scientologists in attendance that Flynn was not the evil Suppressive person that Scientology was claiming him to be.  

In 1986, they turned to him to handle the class action suit.

Heber Jentzsch Arrested in Spain
November, 23, 1988

Unrelated to the above deposition, this Los Angeles TV newscasts detailed how 23 leaders of the Church of Scientology were arrested in Spain...but only one was held in Jail:  Heber.

KTTV-TV   Los Angeles, CA

Graham Berry and Robert Cipriano
August 20, 1999

Robert Cipriano filed a false declaration about Graham in 1994 at the urging of Scientology.  When later sued by Graham, Robert was then paid by Scientology to keep the lies coming.

The Raid on Dennis Erlich
February 13, 1995

Scientology raided the home of a former member who dared to speak out against the organization.

The Julie Christofferson Titchborne Trial   
May, 1985

Portland, Oregon was turned into a three ring circus when a jury awarded a former Scientologist a $39 million judgement.

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