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Lisa McPherson Coverage

Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel
January 7, 1998

This short lived CBS news show features Heber Jentzsch.

December 29, 1997

Kurt Weiland is interviewed.

November 16, 1998

Update to their original story.

MSNBC  "Scientology Under Fire"
December 2, 1997

Ken Dandar and Mike Rinder square off.

Pat Jones & Brian Anderson on Local Newscast
Unknown date

Two PR people from Scientology appear in this incomplete segment from a local Tampa station.


This German show features the only interview with Lisa's mother, taped days before she died.


The First Dallas Newscast about Lisa
December, 1996

KTVT-TV  Dallas, TX

Scientology Denies Any Wrongdoing
March 14, 1997

As the police investigate, Channel 28 runs two stories looking into Hubbard's life and cult.


The Caretaker Logs are Released
July 9, 1997

Local Tampa Newscasts

Scientology PR Campaign

As the criminal investigation wraps up, Scientology launches an ad blitz.

WTTV-TV  Tampa, FL

Lisa's Story Goes National
December 1, 1997

Tom Brokaw does a story about Lisa on the same day the New York Times does a front page piece.

NBC Nightly News

Critics Come to Clearwater to Picket
December 5, 1997

A candlelight vigil is held on the 2nd Anniversary of Lisa's death.

Local Tampa Newscasts

CBS Newscast about Lisa   
January 6, 1998

This newscast is an excerpt from the Public Eye show.

CBS Evening News

Scientology Holds a Workshop in Dallas
March 2, 1998

Scientology hoped for good PR but the news focused on Lisa.

KTVT-TV  Dallas, TX

Scientology Faces Felony Charges
November 20, 1998

This Dallas piece features interviews with Lisa's family.

WFAA-TV  Dallas, TX

Critics Picket on 3rd Anniversary
December 1-4, 1998

As Scientology faces a day in court, critics arrive to picket at the Fort Harrison on the third anniversary of Lisa's death.

Local Tampa Newscasts.

The Probate Court Denies Motion
February 5, 2000

Scientology tried to persuade the court that Dell Liebreich forged Fannie McPherson's signature on legal documents .

News Channel 9,  Tampa, FL

Medical Experts Come to Town
March 6, 2000

A few days after the St. Petersburg Times published a scathing article about Scientology, two of Scientology's medical experts "took it upon themselves" to come to Clearwater to refute the claims made in the paper.

Local Tampa Newscasts

Scientology Attempts to Have the Criminal Case Dismissed
March 5, 2000

This Dallas piece features interviews with Lisa's family.

Local Tampa Newscasts

Dismissal Attempt - Day Two
March 6, 2000

Hundreds of Scientologists packed the courtroom for the second day of hearings on dismissal.

Local Tampa Newscasts

June 12, 2000

Scientology managed to get the charges dropped after medical examiner Joan Wood changed her ruling on the cause of death.

Local Tampa Newscasts

Read Doug Crow's Explanation of the Dismissal

also in PDF Format (2.3 megs)


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