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Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket 

The Candlelight Vigil
December 2, 2000

Family and friends of Lisa McPherson gathered near the Fort Harrison Hotel for a vigil in her memory.

Newscasts about the Picket
December 2, 2000

Local newscasts about the picket and vigil.

Interview with Bob Minton
December 2, 2000

A local news crew interviews Bob and John Merret.

Interviews from the Candlelight Vigil
December 2, 2000

Following the vigil, two TV stations spoke with Stacy Brooks, Ken Dandar and Lisa's family.

Police Make an Arrest
December 2, 2000

The Clearwater Police arrest a man who was not involved with the picket.

Locals Join the Picket
December 3, 2000

Several college students read a newspaper article about the picket and came down to join in.

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