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Tory Bezazian

Magoo: Dancing in Boston

August 8, 2000

Just days after leaving Scientology, Tory joined Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks in a picket at the Boston org.




Post to alt.religion.scientology  

by Tory Bezazian

Amazingly, I was just going along for the ride. Originally I said I would shop while they picketed.....

But then we got to the Boston org. First of all, I wanted to just see the insides of the org, but secondly I had figured out what I wanted to do.

They (Bob, Stacy and Mark Bunker) let me off and I went into the org.  I saw the receptionist and told her "I am Tory Bezazian and I am a Scientologist......well, I am not any more, as I left the Church" (hey....it's the first time I said it since I left).  I then said I am actually with some friends and we are going to picket here, so you might want to call HCO. She said, "I am HCO" so I said, cool. Then can you give me a short tour of the org? (Hey...I thought it was a fair request since I had warned them).

At that point a long time friend for 25 years saw me and said "TORY!  I JUST SAW YOU IN OUR NEW MAGAZINE!"  She gave me a hug, and I broke the news to her. Naturally she was shocked and unhappy.  I asked if I could have a copy of the mag I am in, and she was nice enough to give me one.  She asked why?

I told her really 2 things: One is freedom of speech...it is our Constitutional right to talk and read things.........and I was here to protest our management saying we cannot. Two was really in honor of TOM PADGETT and a few other
parents I have spoken to in the last weeks. Tom had told me his story and that literally he may go to jail over this (and when we got home, we found out he was in jail). But it is re the children and parents in the world who are not allowed to talk to each other because of this organization.

My friend (who is Really big on motherhood) said to me "Tory, that is such a small percentage compared to the hundreds of thousands we are helping" Now, see here is the Truman show again. IF she ever once had talked to Tom P. or any of these other parents cut off from their children.............she would have been picketing with me. BUT SHE CAN'T SEE IT!  She suggested I route myself through HCO and I smiled and said "right".  Hey, she's in the show....and that IS correct for the show, remember.

Ok, so the party arrived with Bob, Stacy and Mark....and the picket began. I won't say much more as it is all on tape at the LMT TV site.

But I was amazed to see these people act the way they did. OF course even when I was in the Church I was amazed at that...........and have written up to OSA
Int my successful actions of always communicating, and how I felt the other was creating enemies for us.  It was kind of amazing to be on this side.

I was outside and talking a bit. Of course I had a huge heart filled with things I could say, but I was just talking to the staff.  Then I got hot so I went in Bob's car to cool off. The entire time I was there the OSA guy kept filming me. What was the outcome of that?  I decided Fuck you... I AM going to go give my little interview!

It may not be that much.....but it is EXACTLY what I have been saying to OSA for some time now: YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN ENEMIES!  I was 10 times as vocal as I was when I arrived!  It was exactly what happened to Ursula. She told me herself (and remember I didn't meet her until the last day as I was so brainwashed re how bad she is). She sat perplexed on the couch and said "I came to do this one press conference. But after having people scream at me for days, serving me papers while I eat, etc etc....this cannot go on. The world (WORLD) has to know what Scientology is doing."

I know IN the show they will quickly announce she came with that plan...yadda yadda. They are great at CYA. But she didn't.........I heard her. The "OT7 and 8" screaming at her got that product. WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN THINKING OF???  SHAME ON EACH OF YOU FOR ACTING SO FUCKING ROBOTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So please, any parents who are not allowed to speak to their children or vise versa, send me a SHORT deal with your name and how long this has gone on. That is really all I need at this time. If it is a child, please also include your parents names, and where they are on lines and any data you feel is needed. If you have an e-mail address, that may be a good idea, in case I need to contact you. I cannot promise anything re this yet. All I can say is it is time to put an end to this tragedy. It doesn't have to exist and it shouldn't! No parent should be cut off (whether covertly or overtly) from their children, and
vise versa. Especially when it is directly because of a "church". COME ON!

I want to help and if I can help bridge this (or ideally wipe the entire concept out of parents or kids not being able to talk to each other because they are declared. HOW STUPID!) I  will. I believe in parents and children being together (ya shoulda listened to me OSA.............. I really told you I meant business, and I do!) OK? If you know of anyone, let me know. I may take this to Congress, if there are enough people involved. And yup OSA.....there IS an easy way to handle all of this. Want to have our little meeting yet? Remember Mike (or Davie if he so chooses) and Ray Mittoff).  Call the LMT trust ...they will get the message to me. It is time.

Love you all!


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