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Clearwater City Commission Meeting


Bob Minton

July 20, 2000

When Bob spoke before the Clearwater City Commission, Scientology's "PR" manager, Al Buttnor from the Office of Special Affairs, arranged for several Scientologists to give a response.

This video includes behind the scenes footage from the city chambers





Transcript of Bob Minton's Comments

If the city of Clearwater wants to get serious about redevelopment, the first part of any redevelopment plans for downtown Clearwater involves transforming Scientology from a mafia-like totalitarian political movement into something resembling a church.

The people of Clearwater made it clear on 7/11 that they do not intend to pay for a Scientology playground in downtown Clearwater. When Clearwater residents were polled by the SPT a couple of weeks before the referendum, people said they would still not come downtown any more than presently after the development. Ask yourself WHY? Contrary to Mr. Roberto's stated feeling Scientology is the WHY!!!

The Lisa McPherson Trust, which is a Scientology watchdog group located in downtown Clearwater has a blueprint for the first step in redeveloping downtown Clearwater which is a 10 point plan for reforming Scientology into a beneficial citizen of Clearwater. Read our plans, it's on the Lisa McPherson Trust website at lisatrust.freewinds.cx or write to us or stop by our office at 33 N. Ft. Harrison and help us fight for Scientology reforms. Ask Mr. Roberto to give you a copy of our plan that we gave to him in February.

There are many things right about Clearwater but Scientology is not one of them. If you Mr. Mayor and the City Commissioners want to take a very positive step for redevelopment and for the future of Clearwater you will first fix what is wrong about Clearwater, Scientology. You held 60 meetings all over Clearwater about a redevelopment plan that was wrong for Clearwater. I urge you to hold 6 meetings in Clearwater about what is wrong with Scientology. You may learn something about Clearwater's biggest problem.

On another matter, I hope Mr. Keller will be following Mr. Roberto out of town because I think there is no place in Clearwater city government for a bigot. On July 5th, Mr. Keller called Mark Bunker, a Clearwater resident employed by the Lisa McPherson Trust in Clearwater a bigot because Mr. Bunker wanted to ask a question about Scientology's impact on the St. Petersburg Times' poll I referred to earlier. Mr. Keller need to crawl out of Scientology's bed and re-learn the meaning of bigotry before he shoots off his mouth in public again calling anyone in the Lisa McPherson Trust a bigot. The City of Clearwater owes Mr. Bunker an apology for Mr. Keller's tasteless and despicable behavior.

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