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Tory Christman


Dancing in Boston
August 8, 2000

Just days after Tory left Scientology, she joined Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks for a picket in Boston.


 Tory Bezazian



Tory's First Interview
August 22, 2000

Tory sat down to discuss how and why she left Scientology and life outside "The Truman Show."


 "Speaking Freely"



The OT VII Panel
September 24, 2000

Tory joins fellow OT VII's, Peter Alexander and Greg and Debra Barnes in a frank discussion of Scientology. 



 Tory and Greg Barnes

Part One

Part Two

Part Three



December 3, 2000

Tory talks about Bob Minton, the LMT and Scientology.


Tory Bezazian



Vintage Tory
December 3, 2000

Mark Bunker introduces clips of Tory while she was still in Scientology including the first time Mark and Tory met.


 Mark and Tory


Just for Fun


Music Montage
June 27, 2001

This musical montage was put together in honor of Tory's birthday.  The song was written and performed by Maggie Council.


 That little devil, Tory



Food Fight
August 7, 2000

Tory makes the mistake of starting a food fight with Bob Minton.





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