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The OT Committee

Mary DeMoss

Mary has worked as Bennetta Slaughter's assistant at AMC Publishing.  She takes a leading role in the pickets and is one of the most aggressive of the handlers.

In this clip, she speaks with Mark Bunker and calls him a failed actor.  Mary herself has an acting background and once ran a children's acting workshop in Clearwater which she claims folded because of the publicity surrounding the Lisa McPherson criminal trial.





Mary normally goes after the big guns like Bob Minton but in this clip she zeros in on Ingrid who has been our receptionist since we opened the Trust.  Ingrid was the first volunteer who came to the LMT and has been invaluable to us.




Mary spots Jeff Jacobsen during the July 26th picket and takes a break from handling Bob to spend a few minutes with Jeff.

One of the most interesting facts about Mary is that she was one of the Scientologists who went to the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida to bring Lisa McPherson back to Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel. 17 days later, Lisa was dead.



Jeff Jacobsen speaks with Mary outside the office of the LMT.

More about Mary:

Mary DeMoss' Scientology Spam Page

Mary DeMoss Mentioned in St. Pete Times Article

Company Run by Mary and David DeMoss



Dennis Clarke

Dennis Clarke is the head of a Scientology front group called The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights.  The CCHR was created for the purpose of destroying Psychiatry.

When it comes to human rights, Dennis Clarke is not exactly Ghandi.  His approach leaves the "non" out of non-violent.  In these clips you'll see Clarke bully his way through a crowd, attempting to start a fight.


In the first clip, Clarke jams gum on Mark's lens then purposely steps on Mark Bunker's foot, jabbing him with his elbow...after first glancing over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching.  



Having failed to provoke Mark, Dennis continues a minute later to do the exact same elbowing to another cameraman on the scene.  



Two days after those first assaults, Dennis Clarke was spotted in the parking garage across from the LMT as he spyed on our rear entrance during the Ursula Caberta Press Conference.  When confronted, Clarke punched the cameraman.

No charges were ever brought against Clarke.



Although it wasn't caught on tape, Duncan Pierce had his own run-in with Clarke and tells what happened at the July 26th picket. 


Dennis Clarke tried hard to provoke Bob Minton during the July 26th picket and was eventually asked to leave by the police but not before shoving Bob and causing another Scientologist to get over-heated. 

Dennis Clarke's Scientology Spam Page



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