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Jon Zegel


Advanced Ability Center Lecture
August 5, 1985

Jon Zegel speaks to a group of people at David Mayo's Advanced Ability Center about Scientology and the law. Zegel's message is still as valid today as it was when he delivered it in 1985.


Jon Zegel


Part One


Part Two

Part Three

The Zegel Tapes

Jon Zegel was the first outspoken critic of Scientology to provide important, factual data to Scientologists about what was really happening inside the organization.  He did so by recording audio tapes on cassette.  These tapes swept through "the underground" and created quite a stir.

He released three tapes critical of Scientology before the organization had him silenced.  After settling with Scientology, Zegel recorded a fourth tape in which he repudiated the information in the previous tapes.  



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