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"The Children's Story"



"Rama Behera Cult"


"Bhagwan: My Dance is Complete"

The Wave
July 9, 1991

An ABC Afterschool Special, this program was designed to explain to kids how the Nazi party came to power in Germany.   It answers the question of how bright, intelligent people get involved in a group that uses mind control. 

The Children's Story

A classic story from James Clavell written in 1963 tells a chilling tale of a what could happen when a totalitarian system takes over.   

The Power of Belief
September 6, 1998

An ABC news special looking behind various supernatural beliefs with James Randi as the skeptical guide.

Geraldo Rivera
September 1988

Mind Control Groups is the topic. Guests include former members of Potter's House and Children of God as well as Rick Ross who shows footage of a counseling session.

Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond

A British documentary that covers religious cults and other instances of mind control in society.

Mission Mind Control

An ABC News Special about the human mind and experiments in mind control.

In the Name of God

The Hare Krishna's and the Moonies are featured in this look at cults.

Kids, Cults and You

An Eyewitness News documentary.

"There are more members in cults today than at the time of Jonestown."  Steve Hassan is one of the guests on this show about determining when a group is a cult.

The Screen Savers
April 24, 2001, 2000

Dave Touretzky talks about Scientology's war against the internet as well as other web topics.

Moon Organization / Unification Church

P.M. Magazine

Author Steve Kemperman talks about his "Escape from the Moonies."

Greater Boston
December 1, 1997

Steve Hassan appears on this show about the Moonies.

Steve Hassan Gives His Book to Travolta
April 26, 2000

While being interviewed about his new book, "Releasing the Bonds", Steve Hassan encounters John Travolta and hands him a copy of the book though Travolta's limo window.

This footage is silent.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Fear is the Master 

Fascinating (if sometimes over-wrought) program about the Bhagwan and how he took over a small Oregonian city.

Bhagwan: My Dance is Complete

A Canadian documentary about the Bhagwan.

Rama Behera

Interviews with Two Former Members
October 19, 2001

Two members of a cult based in Shawano, Wisconsin sit down to tell their stories of abuse and control at the hands of Rama Behera. Also included are two television newscasts about the group.

The Brethren / Garbage Eaters

Prime Time Live
August 1998

As a family searches for their son, lost in "The Brethren," the news crew stumbles upon the cult's leader, Jim Roberts.

The Kabbalah Learning Center

News Report

A look at the latest Hollywood fad, Rabbi Berg's Kabbalah Learning Center.

Potter's House/Victory Chapel/The Door

Behind the Door
October 1988

Five part news series on Potter's House.

Blind Faith

A three part series from a Massachusetts News Show.

The Struggle for Courtney's Soul

A three part series about a young girl traumatized by a Potter's House minister.


Harvard Lecture
February 27, 1994

Steve Hassan speaks at Harvard.

The Group
March 29, 1993

Two panel shows discussing the Waco Stand-off.



A report on Devil Worshipping in America.

The Eternal Flame


A preacher in a retirement community says you don't have to die.

The Love Family

The Home Show

Steve Allen and his son appear to discuss the son's involvement in this cult.

The Way

Investigative Report

An Eyewitness News series about The Way and the Moonies.

Maranatha Campus Ministries

Bob Tedford Interview

Bob Tedford sat down to tell the story of his involvement with this evangelical group very popular on college campuses in the 70's and 80's.

Suicide Cults

October 5, 1994

Over 50 people on two continents committed suicide, following cult leader Luc Jouret of the Order of the Solar Temple.

Geraldo Live "They Were Happy"
March 20, 2000

Mass suicide in a Ugandan Christian cult.

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