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Ursula Caberta's Visit to Clearwater

The Press Conference
July 25, 2000

Ursula Caberta speaks from the headquarters of the LMT.

Ursula's Arrival at the Airport
July 22, 2000

Scientology's PR man in Clearwater, Al Buttnor, assembled a team of Scientologists to shout nasty taunts at Ursula when she arrived at the Tampa Airport.

Ursula Caberta Sued Over "Sect-Filter"
July 26, 2000

Scientologist Attorney Kendrick Moxon hounded Ursula from the announcement of her visit.  He tried to disrupt the Press Conference by scheduling a deposition of Ursula in the McPherson case for the same time as the conference.  That didn't work.  Then he filed this suit against Ursula for the "Sect-Filter."  Ursula was forced into a four hour depo by a judge.  

Press Coverage of Ursula's Visit

Ursula Caberta Interviewed on Local TV
July 24, 2000

The day before the Press Conference, a local TV station aired a piece about Ursula.

"Horror Trip to Florida"
German Magazine - Der Spiegel

"Scientologists with Caberta - Hatred & Insults"
German Newspaper - Hamburger Abendblatt

"Scientologists Revile Politician"
Tagesanzeiger Zurich


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