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Clearwater City Commission Meetings

Bob Minton
January 20, 2000

Bob Minton takes time out from Gabe Cazares 80th Birthday Party to speak for the first time at the City Commission Meeting.

Stacy Brooks, Jesse Prince and Bob Minton
February 3, 2000

Two days after the hammer attack on Mark Bunker, Stacy asks the City Commission to look into the issue of Clearwater Police working for Scientology.  Jesse Prince shares his experiences in Scientology and Bob Minton addresses allegations raised by Mike Roberto, the then City manager.

Gabe Cazares
February 17, 2000

The former mayor of Clearwater spoke on behalf of Bob Minton and the LMT.

Bob Minton
March 16, 2000

After Bob and Stacy had their meeting with City Manager Mike Roberto, Bob shared his impressions of the meeting with the City Commission and the viewing public.

Bob Minton
July 20, 2000

The Chairman of the Board of the LMT speaks after the Downtown Development vote.   Several Scientologists respond.

Jeff Jacobsen
August 17, 2000

Jeff speaks about the city's cozy relationship with Scientology and the fallout from Scientology's treatment of Ursula's Caberta during her visit.

Three Scientologists also speak.  Mary DeMoss announces a Scientology front group for Religious Freedom, Hans Bschorr talks about Ursula and Joanie Sigal talks about how her Christmas decorations will save Clearwater's tourism industry.

Jeff Jacobsen
March 1, 2001

Jeff shares his concerns about the city of Clearwater kowtowing to Scientology and quotes Judge Penick's comments about the Clearwater Police becoming Scientology's private security force.

Mark Bunker
April 5, 2001

Mark responds to a letter to the editor of the St. Petersburg Times from Police Chief Sid Klein.


Jeff Jacobsen
May 17, 2001

Jeff brings a Scientology deception to the attention of the mayor and commissioners.

Jeff Jacobsen and Mark Bunker
July 12, 2001

After the local newspaper questioned Scientology's hiring of off duty Clearwater Police Officers, Jeff went before the commission to again ask when the city would change their policy.

Mark presents the mayor and commissioners with copies of the video interviews he has done with former members of Scientology.

Mark Bunker
August 2, 2001

When points out that a Scientology front group used the mayor to in an effort to gain respectability for a Clearwater Scientology School.

Mark Bunker
August 16, 2001

The St. Petersburg Times asked readers to respond to this question: "What do you think of when you think of Clearwater?"

Mark points out that people who wrote comments critical of Scientology were investigated by the cult.


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