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Advanced Ability Center Lecture


Pam and Ray Kemp
August 5, 1985

Ray and Pam Kemp speak to a group of people at David Mayo's Advanced Ability Center about their relationship with l. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.


Ray Kemp


During the 70's, the Kemps ran their own Scientology Mission in Orange County, Calif.  Mission holders were akin to business franchise holders.  They agreed to offer Scientology courses and send a share of the profits to the Scientology Organization.

Scientology seized the Kemp’s Mission and declared them suppressive in 1975.  They sued Scientology. Subsequently they regained their status in Scientology and their Mission.  

At that time they believed finding justice in Scientology was possible.  That belief changed in 1981 when Scientology took away their Mission and declared them Suppressive again. 

Ray Kemps's Remarks


Part One

Part Two


Pam Kemp was Clear #110 and her husband Ray was Clear #86 when they were declared Suppressive.  

In 1967, Scientology trumpeted there were 131 Clears.  Why were 45 of them later declared Suppressive People (SP).


Pam Kemp


Pam Kemps's Remarks

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


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