There have been many people courageous enough to speak out about Scientology's abuses. Here are some of those who have made a difference. It is not a complete list by any means but it is a start. If you know of someone who deserves to be mentioned or have information that you would like to share, please e-mail us at

Achorn, Brett - Website: "Hard Data on Scientology"
Alev, Reg - Former Executive Director of the Cult Awareness Network
Alexander, Peter - Writer/director of "The Profit"
Allard, Philippe - French activist
Allen, Mark - Website: "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power"
Allen, Steve - CoMedian/Author
Alred, Sherri
Andersen, Linda
Armstrong, Gerry - L. Ron Hubbard's personal archivist
Atack, Jon - Author of "A Piece of Blue Sky"
Aznaran, Rick & Vicki
Baehren, Lars - German critic
Baker, Kim
Barclay, Alan
Bardin, David & Olivia - Attorney who represented the original CAN
Bardwell, William
Barnes, Greg & Debra - Declared SP for spotting tech alterations
Barthelemey, Denis - French magistrate
Barwell, William - Explains the connection between man and clam
Bashaw, Robert
Beebe, Jim - Volunteered for the Cult Awareness Network
Beier, Thaddeus J. - Helped uncover Scientology's web filter
Bell, Jeffrey L.
Benjamin, Dean - Website: "The Secret Library of Scientology"
Bennett, Heather
Berke, Conrad
Berry, Graham E. - Attorney
Best, Thomas J.
Bianchi, Jim - Compiled a Scientology FAQ
Bingham, Bob
Bird, David
Blum, Dr. Norbert
Bohlman, Eric
Bosnakoudis, Tony - Website: "Greece Uncovers Scientology"
Brady, Kevin
Branch, Craig
Braun, Eldon
Brehob, Mark W.
Bronder, Julia - Executive Director of CULTinfo
Brooks, Stacy
Bunker, Mark - Website: "XENU TV"
Burks, Ron - Psychology assistant at Wellspring
Burling, Geoff
Byington, Carl
Byrd, Jim - Appears in this picket video with Bob Minton
Caberta, Ursula
Cain, Vernon D. Jr.
Camburn, Ida
Carlson, Anne - Aunt of Lisa McPherson
Carmichael-Timson, Steve
Castleman, Donnie
Cazares, Gabe & Velma - Former Mayor of Clearwater, Florida
Cecere, David
Chabot, Lisa
Chauvette, Lori Ann - Australian activist
Chetson, Damon
Chong, Marina - Hosted the ARS web page summary
Christman, Tory - 30 year member of Scientology
Cisar, Joe - Information about Scientology in Germany
Clark, Robert W. - Runs website about Keith Henson
Cloutier, Chris
Coates, Priscilla - Former director of the Cult Awareness Network
Cochran, Keith A.
Cole, Andrew C.
Cole, Dave
Colette, Marine Michna
Conway, Flo - Co-Author of Snapping and Holy Terror
Cook, Vicki
Cooper, Paulette - Author of "The Scandal of Scientology"
Copeland, Frank
Corneliussen, Geir
Corydon, Bent - Author of "Messiah or Madman?"
Cox, Elizabeth Ann
Dallara, Mark - Website: "Occupied Clearwater"
Dandar, Ken - Attorney for the Lisa McPherson civil suit
De Joode, Alex
Deimert, Daniel - Swedish critic
Derby, Stuart P. - Critic outraged by Scientology's attack on the net
Dewolfe, Ron - The son of L. Ron Hubbard
DiPietra, Maggie Council - Talented Songwriter/Singer
Diferencial, Jornal - Portuguese activist
Dorsay, John
Dufoe, Dave
Dvorkin, Alexander - Director of the Dialog Center Moscow
Ebner, Mark - Writer and radio host
Eggers, Jeta - Website: "The Dutch Body Thetan Organization"
Emanuel, Valerie - Website: "Scientology Kills"
Emmons, Ray - Investigated Scientology for Clearwater Police
Eneff, Tony
Enerson, Randy
Erlich, Dennis - Website: "The Informer Ministry"
Evans, Christopher - Author of "Cults of Unreason"
Fishman, Steven
Flygare, Jonas
Flynn, Michael J. - Attorney
Forte, John - Author of "The Commodore and the Colonels"
Gallo, Chip
Gandow, Thomas & Ute
Garcia, Nico
Garde, Maureen
Gardini, Maria Pia
Garvin, Dan
Geary, Robert
Gerard, David - Website: "Australian Critics Resource Center"
Gerbode, Frank
Giambalvo, Carol
Gibson, Lisa - Sister of Lavenda Van Schaick
Giles, Bear
Goehring, Scott
Goldberg, Bill & Lorna
Gonnet, Roger - French activists
Gormez, Mike - Website: "Deaths in Scientology"
Gorton, Sam
Graham, Barbara Warr - Website: "Xenuphobia"
Graves, Rich
Greene, Ford
Greenway, Patricia - Producer of "The Profit"
Grossman, Wendy
Grosswald, Robert
Grosswald, Paul
Hagglund, Gregg - Website: "Toronto Picketing"
Hamel, Neal
Hanes, Joel
Haney, Brian
Harrington, Birgitta (Bid) - Swedish website
Harrington, Joe
Hartong, Rebecca
Hassan, Steve - Author of "Releasing the Bonds"
Hattaway, Ed
Hausherr, Tilman
Hein, Anton -Website: "Apologetics Index"
Heldal-Lund, Andreas
Henson, Keith
Hilton, Ralph
Hodge, Tim
Holmes, Deana - Website: "Friends and Family of Lisa McPherson"
Hruby, Ilse
Hudson, Bill
Humphrey, Patrick L.
Hunt, Martin
Huuskonen, Taneli - Website: "Scientology - Organized Madness"
Jacobsen, Jeff - Website: "A Critic takes a look at Scientology"
Jamison, Sandy
Johnson, Douglas M. - Attorney
Jost, Patrick
Kadel, Rachel
Kates, Charlotte - Website: "Offlines Online"
Kaufman, Bob - Author of "Inside Scientology"
Keller, Rod - Editor of the A.R.S. Week in Review
Kelly, Joseph F.
Kennedy, Jamie - Great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard
Kent, Dr. Stephen -
Kisser, Cynthia - Former head of the Cult Awareness Network
Kleinert, Stephan - German activists
Klemesrud, Tom
Komrij, Gerrit
Krasel, Cornelius
Krotz, Mike
Lalich, Janja
Lamont, Stuart - Author of "Religion, Inc."
Langone, Michael
Larabell, Joe
Lasher, Martin
Lawless, David
Lee, Jeff
Leipold, Dan - Attorney
Lendl, Otmar
Lerma, Arnie - Website: "Lermanet"
Lesher, David
Lethiser, Chris
Letkeman, Caroline - Website: "Decoding Scientology's Propaganda"
Liebreich, Dell - Aunt of Lisa McPherson
Lifton, Robert Jay
Lindsay, Don - Website: "A.R.S. Non-Scientologists FAQ"
Lippard, Jim - Website: "Scientology's Private Investigators"
Liss, Jeffrey A.
Bob Lobsinger - Newspaper editor who covered Narconon
Lottick, Edward & Sally
Lucas, Arel
Lynn, Joe
Malko, George - Author of "Scientology - The Now Religion"
Martin, Dr. Paul
Martinez, Jorge Montesinos
May, Timothy C.
Matulef, Paul D.
Mayett, Ted
Mayo, David
McLean, Nan
McClare, Scott - Website: "The Bridge is Out"
McClelland, Tony
Merrett, John - Attorney
Merritt, Thomas J.
Miller, Russell - Author of "Bare Faced Messiah"
Minton, Robert S.
Moreillon, Jana
Mueller, Winfried - German activists
Newman, Ron - Website: "Scientology vs. the Net"
Nieman, Leonard
Nordin, Hud
Noring, Jon
Notaro, Frank
O'Connor, Mike
O'Malley, Kady
Ockerbloom, John Mark
Ofshe, Richard
Oliver, Frank
Owen, Chris - Website: "Scientology Audited"
Padgett, Tom - Has fought to gain access to his children
Palermo, Diane
Pamnell, Caterina - Website: "Another Day in Scientology-land"
Panoussis, Zenon
Patterson, Hartley
Pattinson, Michael
Penny, Bob - Author of "Social Control in Scientology"
Perry, Scott
Pesenti, Jean-Michel
Peterson, Robert
Pettycrew, Bruce & Kathleen
Phillips, Dee
Pierce, Duncan
Pierce, Tim
Pignotti, Monica - Author of "My Nine Lives in Scientology"
Plummer, Mark
Pore, Jerod
Poulter, Martin - UK activists
Preiss, Solveig
Prince, Jesse - Former Second in Command of Scientology
Randolph, John C.
Randolph, Ray
Rashleigh-Berry, Roland
Rennie, I.S.
Reuss, Michael
Rice, Beverly
Rice, David - Website: "The Unofficial Minton Papers"
Rice, Fredric - Website: "The Sceptic Tank"
Richardson, Diane
Robinson, Michael
Rodriguez, Felipe
Rogers, David D.
Rolph, C. H. - Scientology & the Natl. Assoc. for Mental Health
Roos, Otto
Ross, Rick
Rosedale, Herbert L.
Rubin, Paul
Ruth, Jon
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Patricia
Saar, Sri Changiana
Sappell, Joel
Schafmeister, Chris
Scott, Bruce
Scott, Jane
Scott, Perry
Scott, Phil
Scott, Robin
Sears, Paul S.
Sharkey, T. Devon
Sidaway, Tony
Siegelman, James - Co-Author of Snapping and Holy Terror
Singer, Margaret
Skelton, Lee - Aunt of Lisa McPherson
Skywalker, Lianna
Smith, Homer
Snead, Erik
Snow, Barbara J.
Sola, Cheryl - Website: "Through the Looking Glass"
Spaink, Karin
Spurgeon, Keith
Stansfield, Valerie
Stevenson, Joyce
Stone, Brent
Sullivan, Bob
Summers, Teresa
Sutor, Chris
Tabayoyon, Andre & Mary
Tella, Steven J.
Thomas, Zane
Thomson, Shelley
Tilley, Felix
Tingleff, Jens
Titchbourne, Julie Christofferson - Sued Scientology and won
Tobias, Daniel
Tobias, Madeline - Co-author, "Captive Minds, Captive Hearts"
Touretzky, David S. - Website: "CSI vs Fishman and Geertz"
Townsend, Eric - Author of "The Sad Tale of Scientology"
Tussier, Mickael - French activists
Unruh, Bill
Van Horn, Dave
Van Ingen, Boudewijn
Vien, Enid
Volk, Patrick
Vosper, Cyril - Author of "The Mind Benders"
Voytinsky, Michael
Vreeland, Jack - Website: "Scamitology"
Wachter, Kristi - Website: "Scientology Lies"
Wagner, Ingrid
Wakefield, Margery - Author of "The Road to Xenu"
Walker, Tim
Wallis, Roy - Author of "The Road to Total Freedom"
Walter, Alan
Ward, Grady
Welkos, Robert W.
West, Louis J.
Wevers, Johan - Website: "Scientology vs. the Internet"
Whitfield, Hanna & Jerry
Whitlatch, Steve M.
Whitney, Wayne
Widmer, Peter - German activist
Wissick, Jim
Wollersheim, Lawrence - Website: "Factnet"
Wood, Christopher
- Website: "Canadian Critical Information"
Wood, James
Woodcraft, Astra - Raised in Scientology
Woodcraft, Lawrence - Rescued his daughters from the Sea Org
Woodcraft, Zoe - Raised in Scientology
Woods, Bonnie
Woods, Neil
Yanney, Joseph
Young, Robert Vaughn
Zadarnowski, Steve
Zegel, Jon
Zerpe, Sten-Arne - Large multiMedia archive
Zolin, Frank S.

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