Meet Robert Vaughn Young

Prior to Jesse Prince, Robert Vaughn Young was the highest ranking member of Scientology to speak out against the church. Vaughn worked in Public Relations for the church and was it's most effective spokesperson during the period of great turmoil surrounding the uncovering of Operation Snow White.

Since leaving the church he has been instrumental in bringing out the truth about what Scientology is and what Scientology does.


Vaughn from the German
magazine "Der Spiegel."

1975: Vaughn was doing "Snow White" research on Interpol. He was at his desk on the seventh floor of the Manor, where the Guardian's Office worked.


  While Vaughn was in Scientology he appeared on several TV shows including some in which he debated L. Ron Hubbard's son. We have a couple of those shows available on our site:

PBS Late Nite - May 24, 1983

Morning Break - 1982

After leaving Scientology, Vaughn and Stacy demonstrated some of Scientology's training drills in this excerpt from a British TV show:

Network First - 1998

Vaughn can also be seen in these shows:

Presented here in transcript form and on video is Vaughn's deposition for the Lisa McPherson case.

Only one day of the deposition is currently available on video but more will be added as soon as possible.


Day One 12/21/99

Day Two 12/22/99

Day Three 1/20/00

Day Four 1/21/00

Day Five 1/20/00

Day Six 1/20/00


Part One Part Two

Part One Part Two

Full day's testimony

Full day's testimony

Part One Part Two

Part One Part Two

Download a Zip file of all the transcripts

Video of the Deposition


Sept. 1979: Vaughn was in Washington, D.C. to create news stories to divert Media attention from the trial of Mary Sue Hubbard and the "DC 9." The news stories were picked up by AP and UPI internationally.

Written Works from Vaughn Young

"Toward a New Model of "Cult Control"

"The Orwellian Nature of Scientology"

"Scientology from Inside Out: Strategies for Managing the News Media"

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