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Julie Christofferson Titchborne Trial
May, 1985

Portland, Oregon was turned into a three ring circus when a jury awarded a former Scientologist a $39 million judgement.


Julie was a former member who sued the Church of Scientology because it had made fraudulent claims that it would improve her eyesight and raise her intelligence.  The testimony was of a general nature relating to Hubbard, the RPF, the culling of pc folders and other examples of Church of Scientology misconduct. On Friday, 17 May 1985 the jury announced its verdict: $39 million damages, of which $20 million were awarded against Hubbard personally.

When the verdict was announced, David Miscavige ordered thousands of Scientologists to assemble in Oregon to protest the decision. John Travolta flew into Oregon in his Lear jet to join in the protest, and Chick Corea cancelled a concert to attend.  Planes and buses were chartered for public and staff.  A special Portland edition of Freedom Magazine was published and delivered to every doorstep in Portland.

Ultimately, David Miscavige's plan worked.  Judge Londer granted a mistrial.

Newscasts about the verdict in the Trial

Newscasts about the influx of Scientologists


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