Meet Jeff Jacobsen

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies. In addition, he has completed extensive research on cults in general and Scientology in particular.

His interests in cults comes from his own six year experience in a small, Pentecostal church in South Dakota during the 1970's.

From his home in Phoenix, Jeff was one of the first people to draw attention to Lisa McPherson 's death after he noticed a website from the Clearwater Police Department which was asking for information on the death of Lisa McPherson. He recognized this as Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel. Jeff created a website about Lisa McPherson.

Scientology has targeted Jeff with attacks including disrupting events, sending Private Investigator Eugene Ingram to do a "noisy investigation", and distributing flyers throughout Jeff's Phoenix neighborhood.

Jeff moved to Clearwater to work for the Lisa McPherson Trust and during this time he was photographed getting his haircut, followed while driving from home and work, and was denied service at a Scientologist owned restaurant.

One of the most interesting chapters of Jeff's life in Clearwater happened when Jeff tried to purchase a memorial brick to honor Lisa McPherson to be placed in a public park next to a Scientology building. When his brick order was rejected, it took attention from the Media to force the issue and allow the brick to be placed.


nn nnnn n Clearwater City Commission Meeting - 8/17/00

nnnnnnnn Clearwater City Commission Meeting - 3/01/01

nn nnnn n Clearwater City Commission Meeting - 5/17/01

nn nnnn n Clearwater City Commission Meeting - 7/14/01


nnnn MULTIMedia
nnn nnn n Radio Talk Show Appearance - 3/19/90

nnnn nn n Radio Talk Show Appearance - 5/7/91

nnnn nn n Clearwater Picket - "The Mad Picket" - 7/26/00

nnnn nn n Jeff Encounters Mary DeMoss at Picket - 7/26/00

nnnn nn n Clearwater Picket Footage - 8/19/00

nnn nn nn Radio Talk Show Appearance - 11/30/00

nnnn nn n Candlelight Vigil for Lisa McPherson - Dec. 2000

nnnn nn n Radio Talk Show Appearance - 3/9/01

nnnn nn n The Opening of the Gas Light Alley - 5/17/01

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