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Scientology and Clearwater


Scientology grew out of the self-help book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" written by L. Ron Hubbard, a prolific writer of science fiction, fantasy and westerns for pulp magazines. In fact, Dianetics premiered in an abbreviated form in the magazine, "Astounding Science Fiction."


The History Of Scientology

From its inception in 1950 as Dianetics, organized Scientology has been shrouded in mystery and surrounded by controversy. In the 60's, the Food and Drug Administration raided Scientology's headquarters and charged them with practicing medicine without a license. In the 70's, the FBI conducted more raids, sending top Scientology leaders to prison for infiltrating the US Government.

A Brief History of Scientology

L. Ron Hubbard

After years of struggling as a penny-a-word science fiction writer, Hubbard finally found fame and fortune as the leader of Scientology.

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The Tech

Scientology keeps many of it's teachings secret, even from it's members. What does Scientology teach and how much does it cost to find out those secrets?

Scientology's Technology

Front Groups

Scientology reaches into the community under many different guises. All have as their goal, recruiting new members into Scientology.

The drug addict who reaches out for help to Narconon...the school child who receives a booklet called "The Way to Happiness"...a person on the street asked to take a personality test...all have made their first contact with Scientology.

Find out about Scientology's Front Groups

Scientology and the IRS

The IRS granted Scientology Tax Exempt status in a secret deal which was then leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

Find out more about the IRS secret agreement


Essays on Scientology

Scholarly essays and informal writings on the nature and actions of Scientology.

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Literati Contest

Bob Minton sponsored a writing contest and asked for submissions on the topic of Scientology.

Contest Winners

Scientology In Clearwater

How did a sleepy little town in Florida become Scientology's Mecca? Through lies and deception, brutal attacks and covert operations.

Find out more about Clearwater

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