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Panels and Lectures

Bob Minton at CIS Conference

Bob Minton gives one of his first public speeches about Scientology, his attempts to reform the group, and Scientology's attacks against him.

Stacy Brooks at CAN Conference

Stacy Brooks made her first public appearance at a Cult Awareness Network conference.  Scientologists were in the audience to heckle her.  Scientology went on to take over CAN.

Priscilla Coates at Cal Tech

Priscilla was the head of CAN when she gave this lecture at Cal Tech.  Many people leaving Scientology were personally helped by Priscilla including Stacy Brooks and Vaughn Young.

The Advanced Ability Center

David Mayo was in charge of this group who left organized Scientology when they felt the leadership was corrupt.  They still believed in Hubbard and the tech but they felt, as the LMT does, that the abuses and deceptive practices have to stop.

Michael Flynn Speaks to Scientologists

Attorney Michael Flynn talks to a group of Scientologists back in 1983 to explain why he is involved in several law suits against Scientology.

Bent Corydon Addresses Scientologists

The Author of "Messiah or Madman" speaks to a group of Scientologists about the book and the status of Scientology in 1984.


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