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Picket Footage

The Assault of Bob Minton - December 20, 1998
Boston, MA

While doing a picket in Boston, two Scientology ministers shout obscenities at Bob Minton and Jesse Prince and physically assault Bob to try to provoke a reaction.

The Revenge Picket - March 14 , 1999
Los Angeles, CA

Scientology sent two men to picket Mark Bunker's house one day after he videotaped a picket at Scientology's property in L.A.

A Trip to Clearwater - July 9, 1999
Clearwater, FL

During the Fourth of July weekend in 1999, Mark Bunker was assaulted by Scientologists on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles. One week later, Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks held a picket in Mark's support.

Bob Returns to Boston - July 19, 1999
Boston, MA

Undetered by the previous assault, Bob returns to the Boston org and videotapes two reports.

The Say No to Drugs Race - December 18, 1999
Clearwater, FL

Scientology sponsors an annual race through the streets of Clearwater, Florida without fully acknowledging their involvement or the fact that they are protesting not only street drugs but psychiatric drugs as well. Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks come to Florida to inform the runners.

The First Picket from the LMT - January 9, 2000
Clearwater, FL

Shortly after opening the LMT in Clearwater, Bob Minton and Grady Ward held a small picket on Watterson Street, a small side street shared by the LMT and Scientology's Office of Special Affairs.

Taking the Pulse of the Community - April 28, 2000
Clearwater, FL

Several locals join in for a picket in downtown Clearwater.  The support of the passing motorists is overwhelming. 

The "Mad' Picket - July 26, 2000
Clearwater, FL

When a few members of the LMT picketed in front of the  Fort Harrison Hotel, Scientology responded in a big way.  40 or 50 upper level members all converged to try to chase Bob Minton away. 

Dancing in Boston - August 8, 2000
Boston, MA

Tory Bezazian had left Scientology only days before this video. She joins Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks for a picket in Boston. 

The OT Committee
Clearwater, FL

Meet Mary DeMoss and Dennis Clarke, two of the most interesting members sent to handle critics of Scientology.

Clearwater Picket  - August 19, 2000
Clearwater, FL

Many of the OT Committee came out to handle the small group of picketers in front of the Scientology bank Building.

Clearwater Picket  - September 19, 2000
Clearwater, FL

Mary DeMoss and others of the OT Committee return as a small group of people from the LMT and the local area picket at the Fort Harrison Hotel.  Features the Merry-DeMoss-Go-Round

Hubbard Birthday Picket - March 17, 2001
Clearwater, FL

A Scientology process server delivers copies of the injunction to citizens of the Clearwater area who are picketing without any members of the LMT.

Lisa McPherson Memorial Pickets

Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket - Dec. 1997
Clearwater, FL

Footage from the picket.


Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket - Dec. 1998
Clearwater, FL

Newscast concerning the picket


Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket - Dec. 1999
Clearwater, FL

Ken Dandar speaks at a workshop held in Clearwater.


Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket - Dec. 2000
Clearwater, FL

Footage from the picket, candlelight vigil and newscoverage.


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