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A Trip to Clearwater


Friday Picket
July 9, 1999

After Mark Bunker was assaulted by Scientologists on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles, Bob Minton announced a picket in Mark's honor.  Bob, Stacy and Mark traveled to Clearwater.


Bob Mintonand Spencer


Saturday Picket
July 10, 1999

We visit the CCHR and FLAG where we meet Peter Alexander and Patricia Greenway from the Totally Fun Company.


 Croc, Bob and Antonio

Part One

Part Two



Sunday Picket
July 11, 1999

Our Scientology handlers come equipped with microphones as they attempt to stop the picket.

We meet Peter's son Moe.


 Spencer and Bob Minton


A Tour of Clearwater
July 10, 1999

Retired Police Lt. Ray Emmons takes us on a tour of some of Scientology's properties and shares with us some of the details of his investigations of Scientology.


Ray Emmons


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