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Mark Bunker Arrested in Chicago


Mark Bunker
January 25, 2000

Mark Bunker was arrested while trying to conduct an interview with two Chicago area dentists who had been defrauded by Scientology.

One year later, Mark stood trial in Chicago and the jury found him not guilty in 25 minutes.


Mark Bunker


Description of video is in italics.

Mark Bunker across the street from the Chicago org

MARK BUNKER: Ahh--January in Chicago! There's no better time and no better place than this to be arrested--take it from me! I'm Mark Bunker, and welcome to Xenu TV. Right behind me is the Church of Scientology Chicago org. Just two nights ago, this is where I was arrested.

William and Barbara Zizic across the street from the Chicago org; Hubbard Dianetics Foundation logo--yellow lettering on blue background

WILLIAM ZIZIC: We had asked Mark to come with us and, uh, we were gonna ask permission for him to come inside and get our refund, our money back.

BARBARA ZIZIC: What happened was, two police, or two men--

WILLIAM ZIZIC: Plainclothes Joes--

BARBARA ZIZIC: --in black jackets jumped Mark and, uh, wrestled the camera from him, and we didn't know--

WILLIAM ZIZIC: They didn't announce that they were police, they didn't read him his Miranda rights.

MARK BUNKER: Yes, this is the place. Two nights ago right here I was on the sidewalk in front of the Chicago org when two off-duty police officers raced out, grabbed me and put me under arrest. Don't believe me? Watch the tape!


MARK BUNKER: Oh, that's right, we don't have the tape because the police stole the tape! It's missing!

WILLIAM ZIZIC: Well, these two goons, these two guys in leather jackets, black--dressed in black, um, jumped Mark and were trying to get, uh, the camera away from him, and they were telling him, "Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off" so they knew the, the camera was on and the film was, was in there because it won't run without the film, and, um, then they were, uh, uh--he was asking them, "Well, why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this to me? Leave me alone!" And, um, they said, "You can't film, you know, turn it off, turn it off, that's enough!". So they grabbed the camera and tried to push it on the ground, they threw his cell phone on the ground.

BARBARA ZIZIC: We didn't do anything. We were just standing outside of the building, he was behind us towards the street, away from the building. Two men came out of nowhere and jumped him. So I said, "You're not police, I wanna see your ID!" and they flipped me a badge and I said, "Well, let me look at it really good because I can't see it. Can you show me the badge?" And there was no face on it, it was rubbed off. So I said, "You're a fake police!" I said, "You're acting like this is Nazi Germany; this is America, you can't push somebody around who just has a camera! We didn't do anything!" I said, "What's your name?" and they said, "It's none of your business, lady, we're taking him in!" They handcuffed him and they were gonna take him to the police--I don't know where. I said, "Where are you taking him?" and he says, "It's not your business!" I said, "It is so, because I'm a citizen and I wanna know; he came with us. What is he charged with?" So one guy, he said--he told me his name was Joe Blow, he was, like, really cool, and, uh, the oth--the other one said, "We're taking him in for criminal trespassing." Then all the other police came, and then at that point we, you know, told them our story. But to make a long story short, they took Mark in handcuffed, no reason, never read him his Miranda rights, never identified who they were when they jumped him--and they took the film! The film is gone! So isn't that kind of funny? he film is just gone, it's missing. It took him a whole day to get his camera--plus the police were yelling at him, so...

BARBARA ZIZIC: Pam Vilinsky, who flew in from New York to talk to me, to try to pressure me into taking a small settlement for the money they owe me--she said that they hired these people to protect them. Now, the week before, we had an incident here and the police themselves made the appointment for us to go talk to them about getting our money back. So we had an appointment scheduled with them and they knew it, and they had this all planned. Because they don't want anyone witnessing what they're doing; they want to keep it hidden. They don't want people to know their link with dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, probably veterinarians, how they funnel them in for their business. I would have never--I'm Catholic, I would have never come to this church if I hadn't been funneled in here through Marcus Group, and that's a fact.

footage outside the Chicago org

MARK BUNKER (voice of): My arrest was an orchestrated attempt to frighten the Zizics into silence, and this, they didn't succeed.

WILLIAM ZIZIC: Well, I just feel as though I've been ripped off by the Church of Scientology and swindled out of my money and I intend to get my money back, that's my intention. And I will get it back. And I will tell my friends, all my dentist friends, um, about this Marcus operation and how they're a fear group for the Church of Scientology, you can be sure of that.

MARK BUNKER: So if you're ever in Chicago and you have a moment, take it from me, old number 396, stop by the org and tell them, "Xenu TV says hello!"

caption--"Dedicated to Officer Bonifazi and Officer Foria"

caption--"The Lisa McPherson Trust, Copyright 2000"

Transcript courtesy of Batchild


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