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The Leo J. Ryan Foundation Conference 2000

March 17 - 19, 2000


Professor Stephen Kent

A professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Stephen Kent has published extensively on various cults including Scientology.



Stephen Kent


Dr. Robert Lifton

One of the leading experts in mind control, Dr. Lifton addressed the issue of doomsday cults such as Aum Shinrikyo.


Robert Lifton


Steve Hassan

The author of several books on mind control, Steve Hassan shares some of his personal experiences as a former member of the Unification Church.


Steve Hassan

Bob Minton

Bob Minton talks about the formation of the LMT and the progress being made from its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.


VBob Minton

Questions and Answers

Steve Hassan and Bob Minton share the stage to answer questions from the audience.



Tom Padgett

Tom Padgett's family was torn apart after he left Scientology. he talks about the struggles he has gone through trying to stay in his kids lives while their mother remains in Scientology.




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