Affidavits and Declarations

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Robert Vaughn Young - During his years in Scientology, Vaughn worked in PR for the Guardian's Office and wrote articles for Freedom Magazine

Stacy Brooks - Stacy Brooks held many positions in Scientology's Sea Org including being the first editor of Scientology's magazine, Freedom

Jesse Prince - A former Scientologist and Sea Org member of 16 years, Jesse was a senior executive in the Religious Technology Center, Scientology's top management and trademark organization.

Bob Minton - Robert S. Minton has become Scientology's chief target as they try to stop Bob from helping those who have been abused by Scientology.

Lawrence Woodcraft - As an architect, Lawrence warned Scientology that their ship, the Freewinds, was riddled with blue asbestos.

Astra Woodcraft - Raised in Scientology, Astra had a child at 15 to force Scientology to allow her to leave the group.

Zoe Woodcraft - Zoe's childhood was spent in Scientology's roach infested properties and put to work at the age of 8

Sarah Heller - Sarah is a Scientologist who knew Zoe Woodcraft. She was enlisted by Scientology to write an affidavit to counter the charges Zoe raised in her declarations and video interviews.

Tonja Burden - Tonja spent her teenage years in Scientology and signed a billion year service contract to enlist in the Sea Org. She writes about the Sea org, the Cadet Org, the EPF and RPF and witnessing people being held in a chain locker on Scientology's flagship, the Apollo.

Maria Pia Gardini - Maria was defrauded out of $2 million before she finally left Scientology

Alexander Turbyne III - Turbyne explains how a Scientology front group, Sterling Management Systems, lured him into Scientology.

Ed Hattaway - Ed Hattaway is a chiropractor who was defrauded by Scientology.

Tera Hattaway - Tera details the abuse of children she witnessed while in Scientology.

Tory (Bezazian) Christman - Tory spent thirty years in Scientology and worked as a volunteer for the Office of Special Affairs.

Stephen A. Kent, Ph.D. - Stephen Kent is a professor at the University of Alberta in the Department of Sociology. He provides his opinion on Scientology's Isolation Rundown and whether Scientology is a solely religious practice.

Gerry Armstrong - Gerry was L. Ron Hubbard's personal archivist. When he discovered that Hubbard and Scientology were lying about important facts in Hubbard's background, he urged Scientology to clear the record and tell the truth. Scientology responded by attacking Gerry. He left Scientology and provided this affidavit for a former member's lawsuit

Arnie Lerma - Arnie Lerma's home was raided by Scientology after he posted their copyrighted material to the internet.

Ron DeWolf - The son of L. Ron Hubbard wrote an affidavit about the fraud he witnessed in Scientology.

Roxanne Friend - Roxanne describes how Scientology held her against her will and even went so far as to kidnap her, throwing her into a van and holding her for up to four weeks. They also deprived her of needed medical care leading to her subsequent death.

David Mayo - David was an important member of Scientology who helped develop some of Hubbard's Scientology technology including NOTS. Mayo writes about how he was placed forcibly onto the RPF in 1982.

Judge James M Ideman - In 1993, Judge Ideman was presiding over the Fishman trial which was drawn out for years by Scientology's legal tactics. When Scientology started to harass Ideman's clerk, the Judge took the extreme step of recusing himself from the case.

Margery Wakefield - As a volunteer for Scientology's intelligence bureau, the Guardian's Office (since renamed the Office of Special Affairs), Margery was instructed on how to set-up a judge who was presiding over a case involving Scientology.

Don Larson - Don Larson was the head of Scientology's International Finance Police which was directed by Scientology's leaders to extort money out of Mission Holders. Jesse Prince also wrote about this same topic.

Michael J. Calagna - A licensed private investigator, Calagna attempted to serve process on Scientology's leaders and several Scientology celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley. In this declaration, he describes how he and others attended an event at Scientology's L.A. Celebrity Center and attempted to serve papers there.

Paul Kellerhals - Kellerhals is the head of security for Scientology in Clearwater, Florida and was involved in the enforced stay of Lisa McPherson during the last 17 days of her life. He wrote an affidavit for the McPherson criminal case describing some of the threats and attacks he claims Scientology.has faced in Clearwater.

Mike Rinder - Rinder is part of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs. He writes about a meeting with Stacy Brooks and Vaughn Young in which he tried to get them stop offering testimony against Scientology. Rinder's version of the events vary wildly from those of Vaughn and Stacy.

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