Woodcraft Family Affidavits

The Woodcraft sat down and shared their experiences in Scientology and the Sea Org in a series of video interviews as well as affidavits.

Astra Woodcraft

Affidavit of January 24, 2001


Astra's affidavit covers her formative childhood and teenage years. In it she describes the poor schooling she received and the hours working at the behest of the Church of Scientology, including having to guard other members who wanted to leave. Shortly after her fifteenth birthday, Astra married a 21-year-old man on the orders of her superiors. She tells of being belittled and yelled at by other Sea Org members, including her own mother, when she refused to get an abortion after becoming pregnant at 19.

Zoe Woodcraft

Affidavit of January 24, 2001


Zoe's wrote an affidavit through which we learn what it is really like for children raised in the Sea Org. Zoe was raised by other Sea Org members who were assigned to be nannies. Often these "nannies" were children not much older than she. Zoe was housed far from her parents in sometimes filthy, cockroach-ridden and dilapidated buildings. Her only education was from Scientology "course supervisors" with no educational qualifications other than training in the Scientology method of learning. For years she was housed at the "Cadet Org" on a remote ranch in California, where the children were completely cut off from the outside world. As Zoe put it, "This ranch was hours away from normal civilization. In the year plus that I lived there we never went into town for a field trip; never went to a movie, shopping or anything. We were totally isolated."

Lawrence Woodcraft

Affidavit of January 24, 2001 - Scientology

Affidavit of January 24, 2001 - Asbestos


For helping his daughters get out of the Sea Org, Lawrence was declared a Suppressive Person in September 2000. All of his Scientology clients were ordered to cease doing business with him in an attempt to destroy his architecture practice.

Read Lawrence's affidavit about his experiences in Scientology, and also Lawrence's affidavit in which he gives a firsthand account of the deadly levels of blue asbestos he encountered on the Scientology ship Freewinds.

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