Stacy Brooks Declarations

Stacy Brooks's knowledge of the inner workings of the upper level management of Scientology has allowed her to testify in court on Scientology's practices. She has also frequently been interviewed in print and in broadcasts concerning Scientology's tactics.

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Scientology Vs. Fishman

Declaration of Stacy Brooks, then Stacy Young, dated September 9, 1993. Stacy describes the Scientology Command Structure and the power that David Miscavige holds as the leader of Scientology, a position he was arranging for himself before the death of L. Ron Hubbard.


Declaration of Stacy Brooks, then Stacy Young, dated November 23, 1993. Stacy gives background on her positions in Scientology's Sea Organization including her post as editor of Scientology's Freedom Magazine. Stacy describes in great detail Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (formerly the Guardian's Office) and their use of Fair Game to attack critics.


Declaration of Stacy Young, dated January 3, 1994. Stacy describes the control David Mscavige exerts over Scientology. She explains Scientology's views of psychiatry and explains the Scientology term PTS Type III, which describes a person who is suffering a psychotic break and how Scientology can cause such a psychotic episode.


Declaration of Stacy Young, dated January 8, 1994. Stacy describes the corporate structure of Scientology and David Miscavige's control over Scientology's in-house legal firm Bowles &Moxon.


Declaration of Stacy Young, dated February 3, 1994. Stacy describes how a police officer watches as a Scientology process server shoves a subpoena into Stacy's open window.


Declaration of Stacy Young, dated February 21, 1994. Stacy responds to declarations made by Kendrick Moxon and Heber Jentzsch which state that she is an apostate and not to be trusted.


Declaration of Stacy Young, dated March 9, 1994. Stacy details Scientology's view of psychiatry and adds further information about PTS Type III. She also explains how David Miscavige runs the Scienology organization.


Declaration of Stacy Young, dated March 22, 1994. Scientology attempts to seal records concerning their upper level courses and complains that attorney Graham Berry has been harassive.

Declaration of Stacy Young, dated December 14, 1994. Two high level Scientologists, Mike Rinder and Mike Sutter, offer to pay Stacy and her husband at the time, Robert Vaughn Young, for their silence. When they refuse, Scientology's starts Fair Game attacks on the couple using Private Investigators to do a "noisy investigation" and to smear their names.


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Cult Awareness Network

Declaration of Stacy Young, dated September 9, 1993. Stacy writes about Sterling Management and the use of Hubbard management tech in Scientology front groups. She explains how Scientology gets business leaders to accept one part of the tech and then moves them deeper into Scientology with the goal of moving them onto "the bridge" and ultimately having them recruit others into Scientology.


Declaration of Stacy Young, dated November 1, 1994. Stacy provides a declaration which states she is unaware of any evidence of the scurrilous allegations made by Scientology toward Cynthia Kisser of the Cult Awareness Network.

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Declaration of Stacy Young, dated September 1994. After Lawrence Wollersheim filed a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology of California (CSC), Scientology "gutted" the division and moved all of it's assets elsewhere.


Declaration of Stacy Young, dated March 13, 1997. Stacy describes how Scientology moves it's assets from one division to another to avoid paying fines after losing cases in court.


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RTC vs Grady Ward

Declaration of Stacy Young, dated June 12, 1999. Stacy attempts to correct statements made in declarations from Samuel Rosen and Mike Rinder. She discusses a conference phone call between Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder for Scientology and Stacy Brooks and Bob Minton for FACTnet in which Scientology tried to stop Bob Minton from using Grady's services as a computer expert.


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Scientology v. Liebreich

Declaration of Stacy Young, dated August 22, 2001. Scientology launched a lawsuit against Lisa McPherson's aunt for trying to add David Miscavige to the civil suit over Lisa McPherson's death. When Bob Minton was about to fly to Clearwater to be deposed, an anonymous posting from Scientology on the internet allegedly detailed his psychiatric history. This combined with the leafleting of his children's neighborhood by Scientology that afternoon caused Bob to speak with a therapist who advised him not to go to the depo that day. Stacy writes a declaration to these facts and explains why the therapist Bob spoke to is now afraid to come forward.

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