I, DON LARSON, do declare as follows:

1 . I am over the age of 18 and if called to the stand and sworn under oath, I can competently testify as follows:

2. Between June of 1982 and March of 1983, I was head of the International Finance Police (IFP) of the Church of Scientology.

3. During the period I was head of the International Finance Police, the top executives of Scientology were enraged at the Mission holders for embarrassing them by airing their grievances. In response, IFP was directed to extort money from the Missions by threatening them with the fair game policy if they failed to satisfy the demands for money. I participated in making the threats, as did my deputies.

4. To a Scientologist, the threat of being declared a suppressive person and subjected to the fair game policy Is nothing short of extortion since it brings with it the possibility of harassment, being sued in multiple lawsuits, undermining your reputation in the community and destroying one's business and/or personal life.

5. In addition to extortion, physical violence was also used to collect "fines" and to coerce "cooperation" from the Missions. I committed acts of violence for that purpose.

6. One of the resulting examples of Mission holder "cooperation" was their agreement to adopt new Articles and Bylaws under threat of the fair game policy.

Executed on this 29th day of September, 1988, at Los Angeles, California.
I declare that the foregoing is true and correct under penalty of perjury.

Don Larson