Jesse Prince Declarations

Jesse Prince was the former second-in-command of Scientology, rising through the ranks of Scientology's Sea Org before leaving the group in 1992.

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RTC v. Dennis Erlich

Declaration of Jesse Prince, dated March 17, 1999. Jesse describes a meeting in which he joined David Miscavige and others in intimidating L. Ron Hubbard's widow into signing over all her rights to the Hubbard Estate to the corporation of Scientology.



Lawrence Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California

Declaration of Jesse Prince, dated July 27, 1998. Jesse describes his career inside Scientology and why he has now come forward to tell the truth even though he'd be opening himself up for attacks from Scientology.

Declaration of Jesse Prince, dated June 1999. Jesse talks about the actions Scientology took to derail the Wollersheim lawsuit including destruction of evidence and shifting assets to other corporate entities in order to foil collection of judgements.

Supplemental declaration of Jesse Prince, dated December 1999. Jesse describes the heirerachy of Scientology's Sea Org and the explains the events of the San Francisco Mission Holder's Confererence.

Raul Lopez v. Scientology et al

Declaration of Jesse Prince, dated June 21, 1999. Jesse describes the length Scientology will go to thwart justice in the courtroom.

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