Greg and Debra Barnes

Documentation for the Barnes' story



Background: In a nutshell, the Barnes discovered that someone was re-writing Hubbard bulletins and they they were excommunicated for making that discovery.

Internal "Knowledge Reports" exchanged in the organization in accordance with Scientology's "Ethics" procedures while the Barnes' fought to clear their names and to get Hubbard's technology applied correctly during the upper OT levels.

May 10, 1999 At the time, Greg didn't understand that he was intentionally being "reverse audited" at Clearwater's Flag Service Organization so wrote this "Things That Shouldn't be Report" .

May 10, 1999 letter to Scientology's International Justice Chief (IJC)requesting help

May 19, 1999 list of their contributions to Scientology

June 17, 1999 "Knowledge report" about misapplication of Scientology policy

July, 1999 "Knowledge Report" about the Public Ethics Officer

July 5, 19, 1999 Letter to Scientology's Director of the Office of Special Affairs, Ben Shaw



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