Greg and Debra Barnes

Letter to Scientology's Ben Shaw, Director of the Office of Special Affairs ("OSA")


July 5, 1999

Dear Ben,

It has been almost a month since you and I have been in communication about this cycle. In my original letter to you I stated that we wanted to see what reports were written on us and to answer these reports and get to the truth. So far nothing has happened administratively, to correct one of the squirellest events that we have ever experienced in Scientology, not to mention that it occurred at Flag.

If you and Kathy True have done something we(the interested parties) know nothing of what you have done.

Case in point no reports have been shown to us that would warrant any of the activities taken by Therese Blum,April Buchanan, Causuma,Haveva or Julia the receptionist of the Sandcastle MAA's office. You mentioned to me that these individuals are not out to hurt us and that they were working off of some serious reports. What type of serious reports would warrant a Black PR campaign and squirrel processes run on two OT's? (Greg Barnes, Virginia McClaughry)

You and Kathy both state that what was done was not Scientology and the four of us agree on that point. You and Kathy both state that you are investigating the scene but yet we are asked no questions about any of the events that occurred nor are we shown any of the "serious reports" that you spoke of on the phone to me on Friday night. Why don't you simply apply LRH to the K/R's written on us and let us respond?? It is only with the application of LRH administrative tech can this situation be truly sorted out. We want to see these serious reports!!!

All of the parties who have been mishandled are willing to answer any question asked of them and to respond to any report written on them but no questions or reports have been provided. Why?

I do appreciate your willingness to help and you have calmed a situation down but what has been resolved???? What I perceive is that we are all still under investigation and could someone just be honest enough to tell us why???

Ben Shaw

  Until the truth is known to us on who ordered the squirrel handlings and the Black PR campaign put out by the MAA's at the Sandcastle and all the reports are handled per how LRH states they are to be handled and the comm ev canceled and the non-enturbulation orders canceled and our names cleared and truth put on the line nothing is going to as-is for anybody.

When you are ready to sit down to go over the reports call me and we will arrange a time for all of us to meet that is step number 1 per LRH so let's apply LRH, we will all win that way.