Greg and Debra Barnes

"Things That Should Not Be" Report

May 10, 1999


At the time Greg wrote this report, he didn't understand that he was intentionally being "reverse audited" at Flag Service Organization.

On Friday I go into session with Therese Blum she flys my ruds. Asks do you have ARC X? Then looks up and asks do you have an ARC X? I answer and she says s/g that I could not understand. She then asks do you have a PTP? She then asks do you have a consideration and I said yes aren't you going to complete the ARC X and she says " it didn't read". This stuck my attenion and then she does not reask PTP and goes right to W/H and after she asks the? she looks up and says has a w/h been missed. We spent at least 45 minutes and I could not find anything for the longest time and we finally got how I was covert in a comm cycle.

Then next thing she said was that we are going to start the sec check. The ? was has RTC missed a W/H on you? I could not find a/g on this. She then started asking me about any out ethics in general and I told her that I had yelled at my son and my wife and had been invalidative. None of these are of recent nature. She then started asking for more out-ethics and she volunteered areas porn on the internet, entheta on the internet about Scientology, had I slept with Virgina McClaughry and she went on.

I asked her aren't you going to take up any of those that I gave you and she said no I am just checking for an overview of out-ethics. She then took up my yelling at my son and after I told her about it she did not ask when or is that all or anything else. I asked her if she was going to finish the overt and she did. I was told by her that we were going to do this FPRD style and she hatted me on this but we did not handle this OW FPRD style we FN'ed it and then ended off.

After the session I decided to request another auditor because of the ARCX confusion and her not being an American maybe there was a language problem.

I called on Saturday and requested from Valerie a change of auditor and requested Debbie Titus who had been auditing my wife and had had great wins with. I was told that by Valerie that Debbie Titus was a review auditor and could not do Sec Checks. This made no sense since she was doing my wife's eligibility, I also requested a change of C/S. I told Valerie that I had only 5 hours of sleep and was not sessionable she said come in anyways.

I arrived and Valerie the senior D of P denied my request for another auditor or C/S and told me that I was going to continue with this auditor and C/S. I told Valerie about the ARCX confusion in session and about her accent and she just acked me.

After Valerie had denied my request the auditor opens the door to the HGC and says to me " problem with my accent?" She was sarcastic about it.

We went into her auditing room and I told her that I was not sessionable and she put the cans in my hands and told me that she was going to do a FPRD correction list. I told her no we weren't because I was not sessionable and that was squirrel and I put down the cans. She tried to get me to pick up the cans and I refused. After some 10-15 minutes of my refusing to pick up the cans she said let'go.

I was then escorted back to the MAA office and then back up to the HGC. Causuma came up and said that my auditor was going to do an ethics interview.

I went back into the auditors room and she began asking me "what overt has been restimulated" this was run repetitively on me with no OW's that I gave being taken up per standard handling of OW's. I started to get enturbulated and asked if there was another question and she said no just answer this one. After some 20-30 minutes of having this question run on me repetitively with no FN's indicated or OW's per the standard handling I refused to continue and put the cans down.

She then got up and opened her door and Causuma and April came in and escorted me to the RTC rep(Italian girl) and told her that I was being uncooperative. I told the RTC rep that the auditor tried to do a FPRD correction list on me and I was not sessionable. April then told the RTC rep that I had shown ED Gonsolin C/S Series 73RB and that he was off the level. I told April she was lying. April then told the RTC rep that 10 people had seen the reference and this was also a lie. More discussion was had and Causuma told me that she wanted do an ethics interview and I agreed.

We went back to the HGC routed back into the auditing room and I told Causma to tell the auditor what we were going to do and she did. I sat down this time even more tired and the auditor began with "what overt has been restimulated"?? I told her we were suppose to do an ethics interview and she said this is it. This repetitive process of "what overt has been restimulated" went on for about 25 minutes and then I said no more. I told her that I was tired and getting hungry and she said "I just want to get this question answered".! I continued for awhile longer and then said no more.

I stood up and the auditor stood up and tried to get me to sit back down and I told her that I just wanted to go see Causuma. She would not accept this and she blocked the door. I told her we were not going to continue this because I was tired and getting hungry and I wanted to go home and get some sleep. I told her we were not going to continue and that was that. I started to get pissed and she said "I know you want to hit me so go ahead" I told her that I wasn't going to hit her I just had had enough. Cuasuma and April then came in and started to somewhat yell at me and showed me HCOB 6 March 1982R Confessional Tech Policies and told me that if I did not answer the question that she would put a non-enturbulation order on me. I told her go ahead I don't care because this was going no where and I was tired and hungry.

I agreed to go at it somemore so the auditor came back in and we proceeded on the repetitive question"what overt has been restimulated". This went on for another 10-15 minutes and finally I said no more. I was giving OW's with the questions but none of them were taken down per how to handle OW's and no FN ever indicated. After she got that no matter what she did I wasn't going to continue Causuma and April came in like the door was never locked. They both said that this question is reading and you are going to answer it. I told them that I had been answering it and one of them said you are going to answer it somemore. April then sits down in the auditors chair and says I am going to ask you s/g pick up the cans. I told Causuma to stay and she did. April asked me "what overt has been restimulated?" I put the cans down and said no more.

The auditor then came back into the room and all three of them were blocking the door. I told them that this was too weird and that this wasn't Scientology and I did not sign up for this insanity. I tried to get to the door and they were gently pushing me back and I said enough. I was threatened with non-enturbulation order and again I said I don't care, I refuse to cooperate any further that this whole situation was over and that they could do anything that they wanted.

The auditor then came back inside and Causuma and April then left and she asked me if I could come back in tommorrow. I told her no and to have Cathy call me on Monday.

Cathy calls me on Monday and I tell her that I am not coming in. I get transferred to Causuma and I tell her that I am mailing her a letter and it will explain everything.

She trys to get me to come in to speak with her but I refuse and we both hang up. She calls back and leaves a message that if I am not there in :30 minutes she will put a non-enturbulation order on me for blowing a sec check. Causma calls me back and we talk and I tell her that I am not coming in and I won't let Debra have done to her want was done to me because it was squirrel and she knew it.

Causuma tells me to come pick up my Non-Enturbulation order and I told her just mail it to me and we ended the comm.

This is what occurred and I wouldn't have believed it if it didn't happen to me personally. I want you to know that I did everything to cooperate for as long as I could and I should have stopped the entire madness a lot sooner than I finally did. It is obvious to me that there is an SP on the lines for something this gross to have occurred. I do hope that you can see that there was everything done to try and spin me in and make it look like I deserve a NON-Enturb order based on False Reports and a squirelly sec check or ethics interview.