Greg and Debra Barnes

Letter to Scientology's International Justice Chief (IJC)

May 10, 1999


Last night (5/9) my wife and I went to our first hearing of our comm eve. We had requested K/R's on Saturday and were denied copies of these by April the public MAA and the Heather Petzold the Senior Dir of I &R. I told the Dir of I & R that we needed a copy of the K/R's per HCOPL so that we could respond to the charges she said you will see them at your Comm Eve. We were called by April later that night(Sat) and left a message that my wife and I could come in on Sunday evening to see the K/R's @ 7:00PM approximately 30- minutes before the committee met. April also left on the same message that we were both under a non-enturbulatin order.

My wife and I went in and there were some K/R's by April. I had 5 K/R's plus a non-enturbulation order that I was not given a copy of and told that she only had one copy. I asked for copies of the K/R's and was told by April that she would make copies and give them to me later. I never got copies. April asked me if Debra knew she was under a non-enturbulation order and I told her how were we suppose to know we never received a copy of any notice of such an action. Neither my wife or I have ever received a NON-Enturbulation order and a lot of ethics gradients have been skipped here, this is very ethics.

The hearing was short and I was asked by Art Webb how I pleaded to several charges just charges no specifics of why I was being charged with anything. I plead innocent to everything except causing a problem and I pleady guilty. I asked if I could tape the proceedings and was told that there is no policy stating you can. The committee had a tape recorder but I do not know if it was on or not. Since we were being denied a bill of particulars and K/R's I wanted to have a record of what went on. I was not asked any questions by the committe regarding any of the evidence. I provide each committe member with the attached data.

After I gave my pleadings to the more than 8-10 crimes and I think there were some high crimes I was dismissed. This occurred around 8:00PM I am not sure of the exact time.

I went out and sat down in reception and was not seen again by the committee. I requested to see my Non-Enturbulation Order, from one of the members, she was a black girl, who kept on coming out of the meeting room. She told me to get it from April and I told her that April had given her only copy to the Comm Eve committee. The girl went in and was coming out with the Non-Enturbulation order when another member stopped her and the black girl said you will have to get a copy from April.

My wife went into the meeting and after she was done I told the black girl that we would be responding to the K/R's that the committee was given on us. She told me that I could send the responses per policy to ethics and that they were not interested in receiving our responses and that it did not matter. The girl was polite but was very clear in that the committee did not want our responses. How can a committee of evidence evaluate correctly the innocence or guilt of someone if they do not have all the data. This is our concern that this fact finding body does not have all the facts and I do not know if we have seen all of the reports either.

I was shown 5 K/R's and not given any copies otherwise I would have attached them for you to see.

Here is a rundown of what I saw:

K/R by Peaches Pook a public and friend of mine: She wrote that I told her that we tell all new people coming on board that we do not allow K/R's to be written in our company.

Response: I did say that and we also tell people that if you have something to say you tell the person whom you have something to say to. Get in comm don't just write a K/R apply ethics gradients.

K/R-Jessica (Public MAA Receptionist) This K/R stated that my wife was yelling at April concerning where are our K/R's.

Response: Her voice was raised by not yelling and we were upset that we were being denied copies of K/R's which violates HCOPL K/R's as well as denied a copy of the bill of particulars. We were justifiably upset that here was a document that accused us of some very serious acts as well as acts that were totally false and the Heather the Dir of I & R was extremely short with me regarding my wanting to have a copy. She stated "that you have been furnished a copy and you read it and that is all we have to do and we do not want you to have a copy".

K/R-Causma(Public MAA) Stated that I refused to come in and see her and told her to mail me my non-enturbulation order that she said that she was going to put on me for not coming in to see her. It stated other points as well but that were the main points that I recall.

Response: True I did tell her that I would not come in and that I would not let happen to Debra what had occurred to me in that non-standard "ethics interview" where I was asked repetitively"what overt has been restimulated" and I was not sessionable and told several terminals this as I stated in my earlier comm to you.

K/R-Theresa Blum(my auditor) One report said that I was evil and 1.1 and I refused to continue letting her audit me. Regarding the evil and 1.1 points of her K/R there were no specific acts that I recall that she gave and per HCOPL opinions are not part of K/R's. There was more to the report but again I was not given a copy. Theresa also wrote at the top of the report the auditing command she was using "overt in restimulation" I am pretty sure that is what she wrote. The command she used and April used was what overt has been restimulated. I told April that that was the command and that that was a listing question and did she remember that and she just schrugged her shoulders.

Response: This could have been the session first thing Saturday afternoon where she wanted to do a FPRD correction list on me after I told her that I had had only 5 hours of sleep and even after I told her that she wanted to do the correction list and I put the cans down. This was also in another one of my reports that I sent to IJC as well as provided to the committee of evidence.

K/R-Theresa Blum (Do not have data on it ) Again I have no copy as of yet.

K/R-Ruth Valko written by April from an interview: Stated that I told her to read C/S Series 73RB and highlighted exception section and part B of page 4. Ruth told me to write up a Things that shouldn't be report.

Response: This report was correct but I would like to make it clear that I did not get a copy and neither do I recall if there were other points on the K/R that I would respond to. What is the out-ethics on telling someone to read an HCOB?

K/R-Ed Gonsolin-written by his auditor and I was shown only the top paragraph where it stated that I had meetings at my house. It stated the Virginia and Ed and Debra and myself were the only attendees. The report stated that we met at Virginia's house. Virginia lives in Idaho, Ed in LA and we live in Clearwater. I told April the above regarding our different states of residence and she stated that maybe it was here in Clearwater. I recall no time when Virginia and ED were together here at Flag and that is not to say that it did not happen but I do not recall a time of specific where we would have a meeting.

At the current moment my wife and I are very concerned that we will be declared suppressive persons. Many LRH references have been violated regarding the proceedings that have transpired so far and they are:

1) Denied a copy of the bill of particulars of the comm eve.

2) Not provided with copies of K/R's written us and the comm eve committee not interested in our response.

3) False Reports being written on me and my wife as in the bill of particulars stating alarming crimes and high crimes which are not true and this bill of particulars being put in reception of the MAA's office and we are denied a copy by the Senior Dir of I & R.

4) This entire situation is extremely enturbulating and suppressive to us because of the above stated points and we do not feel that justice is what is being gone after here.

Your imMediate help in this matter is needed because we are concerned that we will soon be declared based on false reports.


Greg Barnes