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The 1982 Clearwater Hearings


When the FBI raided Scientology's headquarters in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, they uncovered boxes and boxes of damning evidence clearly showing how the management of Scientology was breaking the law on a daily basis.

Included in those documents was "Operation Normandy" which was the blue-print for the cult's take-over of the city of Clearwater.

The Clearwater City Commission invited attorney Michael Flynn to come before the city to present witnesses and evidence about the criminal nature of this destructive group.

Scientology was to be given equal time to respond to the charges.

For one full week, the citizens of Clearwater watched the hearings live on the local cable system.  The entire hearing is now on-line.


Day One - May 5, 1982

Opening Statement from Michael Flynn

Testimony from Edward Walters

Michael Flynn Explains Some Documents

Ron DeWolf


Day Two - May 6, 1982

Ron DeWolf (Conclusion)

Lori Taverna

Casey Kelly


Day Three - May 7, 1982

Rosie Pace

David Ray

Ernest and Adelle Hartwell

George Meister


Day Four - May 8, 1982

Lavenda Van Schaick

Janie Peterson

Sharon McKee

Scott Mayer

Robert Dardino

Paulette Cooper

Dr. John Clark

Brown McKee


Day Five - May 10, 1982

Scientology's Response

Michael Flynn's Summation


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