Timeline of Scientology's Harassment of Robert S. Minton and Colleagues  


January 23, 2001: A flier with the headline "The World Bank and the Nigerian secret debt buy-back schemes" was distributed to the businesses in downtown Clearwater. From the text of the flier it was apparent that Scientology's private investigators had been working hard to track down evidence against Mr. Minton. It was equally clear that they had been unsuccessful in finding anything against him. However, Scientology insisted on spinning an ever-more-complex tale to try to implicate him in a criminal situation. The flier began with this statement:

"In two complex frauds, involving over US$ 6 billion in Nigerian funds between the years 1987-1998, Nigerian officials and American banker Robert Minton filled their own pockets at the expense of unsuspecting debt holders, financial institutions and Nigerian creditors. Minton defended his criminal actions by claiming that he had the tacit approval of the IMF and World Bank."

Photographs of Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha, Robert Minton and another man, Caio Koch-Weser, were also featured on the flier. The text went on to explain why this man's photograph was included:

"Mr. Caio Koch-Weser headed the African desk of the World Bank at the time. His appointment as Managing Director of the IMF was vetoed by the US early in 2000; he is currently the Deputy Finance Minister of Germany…. If Minton is right it would catapult the World Bank into the midst of an explosive situation because one of the biggest deals Minton carried out was with the Paris Club of creditors with lost billions of dollars. The Scheme itself was kept secret with debt holders, financial institutions and Nigerian creditors not being informed by Mr. Minton that he was buying the debts with Nigerian funds."

It ended with an invitation to "Visit the Internet."

February 25, 2001: On the eve of the opening of a new Scientology center in Battle Creek, Michigan, the Battle Creek Enquirer published a story called "Church's teaching spark a bitter debate." The writer, Matt Galnor, had called Stacy Brooks for comment and had included her statements in the article. Scientology spokesperson John Carmichael was asked to respond and made the following response, which was also published: "I've heard what Stacy says and she lies through her teeth…. It really exasperates me because it's so far from the truth." Carmichael accused the Lisa McPherson Trust of being a "hate group" and added, "I think anyone who makes a career out of harming a good group that helps people is evil."

March 1, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name bob@cotse.com posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.com titled "What Has Become of Minton." The text of the message was as follows:

"What has become of Minton since he was found guilty of criminal contempt, fined and placed on a lengthy six month probation by Judge Penick? It didn't go so well for Minton, as according to historical precedent the judge put the big head on a pike to make it clear that the henchmen of the big head on the pike had better pay attention. I believe I heard it reported that during the contempt hearing the Judge had said that he wanted to make sure that he was punishing the right person. Well, obviously, the judge must have found that Minton was the right person to punish. Clearly, then, Minton is a liability to the bigots and thus his disappearing from the scene. Which raises the question: Has Stacy also punished Minton? Now everyone knows that Stacy feels that LMT has serious PR problems because of the criminal activity of Prince, Minton and other RICO associates of LMT. Minton, LMT and its employees have been hit with sanctions at least 9 times in the past two months. Quite a flappy record for LMT and Stacy's concept of LMT's pristine PR. So, is she making Bob do hard time, as a means of rehabilitating him? This observer thinks the answer is yes."

March 15, 2001: Jesse Prince, Stacy Brooks and Robert Minton traveled to Paris for a hearing concerning lawsuits that each of them had filed against Scientology in France. The suits were for libelous statements that had been published in the French version of Scientology's propaganda magazine, Freedom. After the hearing, Mr. Prince returned to the United States alone, while Mr. Minton and Ms. Brooks continued on to the United States. Upon his arrival at Dulles International Airport, Mr. Prince found that several customs agents were waiting for him as he entered customs. The agents detained Mr. Prince, broke the lock on his suitcase and searched his luggage, had him empty out his pockets, and brought in a German shepherd to sniff him for drugs. Mr. Prince was able to find out from the agents that they had received an anonymous tip that he was carrying illegal drugs into the country. The agents were able to ascertain that the tip they had received was false. Mr. Prince had a substantial amount of cash in his jacket pocket, although less than the $10,000 limit that would require him to report it on arrival in the United States. Despite the fact that he was not required to report the money, Mr. Prince was taken into a back room and detained for more than an hour while the agents counted and recounted the money and questioned him about why he had it. Mr. Prince patiently explained that he was in the habit of carrying cash when he traveled. Unable to find any reason to detain Mr. Prince any longer, the agents finally released him. This was the third time Mr. Prince had been detained based on anonymous tips that he was carrying drugs.

March 27, 2001: Mr. Minton had filed a libel suit against Scientology in Germany for publishing false and defamatory statements in the German equivalent of their Freedom Magazine, known as Freiheit, about his business dealings in Nigeria. A Berlin court found Scientology guilty of libel and ordered them to cease and desist publication of these libelous statements, with a heavy fine if they violated the judge's order.

March 30, 2001: The Scientology attorney firm of Moxon and Kobrin sent a letter to Lisa McPherson Trust attorney John Merrett accusing the LMT of violating the injunction when a film crew from Madrid came to Clearwater to do a documentary about Scientology. The letter said, in part,

"The sum and substance of the complaint is that reporters from Madrid have been coming and going from the LMT in attempted disguise while harassing the church, violating Florida law, and violating the injunction, in addition to similar violations of law in Madrid. LMT's agent from Madrid admitted to the police that he had a camera in his bag and was caught on videotape by a security camera attempting to infiltrate the Church in Florida with his hidden camera. Such conduct violates F.S.A. SS 934.03 - in addition to the injunction entered against your clients. The purpose of the letter is to give you and your clients an opportunity to explain their conduct - in short, to provide reasons why these acts are not further contempt arising out of this new apparent violation of the court's order."

In fact, the LMT had no connection to this Spanish film crew whatsoever.

April 12, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name relay@cotse.com posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology (ARS) titled "Nigeria provides UK with documents/Minton." The text of the message was as follows:

"… I thought that the exposure of Minton's participation in the looting of Nigeria which began a year ago and has been reported in dozens of international news Media since was widely known. Obviously it is not known to you. Try and read up on it as there were many posts about this on ARS. Minton's weak attempts to sue for libel have utterly failed (which he knew they would) and the Nigerians are moving in on him closer and closer. And Robert Minton is the guy who posts now and then on this newsgroup, who deserted his wife and kids for paid mistress, and who runs a for-profit company under the all too obvious guise of a "Trust" in Florida, and who is currently under probation. He is being watched by everyone all the time because if he makes one wrong move he goes into the slammer. And that is very likely why he is currently in hiding: he does not want to be caught doing something rash or illegal. A "hot head on the edge" is what Hockenberry from NBC/Dateline said about him."

April 20, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology in which he characterized Mr. Minton as "insane" and twisted his involvement in the Lisa McPherson wrongful death case as a sordid investment scheme:

"Ken Dandar is the Tampa ambulance chaser who has been paid well over a million dollars by Mr. Minton. In return Dandar was to tell bald faced lies at every turn and even file them in court. Minton's now extinguished dream of a payout was the motivation for this litigation investment scheme. Minton's private paid group of deadbeats is designated the LMT. They have been paid over a million dollars. Their role in Minton's investment scheme was to try to create hate and violence….Why all of this? Mr. Minton is insane. Has been all this life. His insanity has slowed but has not stopped the emergence of the truth. At this point, Minton's attorney Ken Dandar has collapsed the civil case "beyond the point of no return". (That means Minton won't ever see one red cent from his litigation investment scheme. Instead he will pay out millions for a fight against truth he could never win.) Dandar and Minton tell lies and that is the reason the case is now a disaster and is blowing up in their faces. Yesterday Dandar & Merrett appeared in Court. (Both are total sleazebag attorneys - if you get a chance, you should really see them in person some day if they're around long enough.) The lies ended with the Judge's Order to turn over an audiotape that has been kept hidden by the Minton attorneys for years but is now available as a public record document with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The tape proves that Minton attorneys told bald faced lies in the civil litigation…. At Minton's direction, Dandar went to degraded depths to fabricate and manufacture lies to prevent this tape from coming out and has done so for 3 years. The Judge saw through it all and ordered the tape be turned over. It's a slow process getting the truth out and the liars exposed, but it's taking place and Mr. Minton is ending up paying for it."

April 21, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name relay@cotse.com posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology titled "Bob Minton -- Beyond the point of no return and paying for it." The text of the message was as follows:

"Thank you for this overview which puts everything into an understandable perspective. Your reference to Minton and Dandar as insane and being bald face liars is yet an understatement. They are calculating crooks and I hope the laws of the land will catch up to them. Minton is currently under probation and as soon as he violates the law it will mean that he broke the probation regulations and will have to go in front of the judge again, and that will mean jail time for him. Minton needs to re-pay the church. And I don't mean just attorney fees and costs for the senseless litigation but punitive damages like $10-50 million with which the church could expand their delivery facilities even further. And while at it, he could be made to pay $1-2 million to the City of Clearwater for the overwork he caused them."

April 26, 2001: Jesse Prince received an anonymous fax at the Lisa McPherson Trust that indicated a man named David Amos might be willing to provide information to Mr. Prince about harassment of Mr. Prince by Scientology operatives. Mr. Prince was able to reach Mr. Amos by telephone. Mr. Amos agreed to meet with Mr. Prince in Memphis, Tennessee. That night, Mr. Prince drove to Memphis, accompanied by Patrick Jost, a former Treasury Department investigator who was working with the Lisa McPherson Trust to document Scientology's criminal conduct. Mr. Jost felt that Mr. Prince should not meet with Mr. Amos alone.

April 27, 2001: Mr. Amos agreed to meet with Mr. Prince alone while Mr. Jost watched them from his car less than twenty feet away. Mr. Amos told Mr. Prince that he had worked as a private investigator for Scientology from the fall of 1998 until the winter of 2000. He said that Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon had told him that Mr. Prince and Mr. Minton were involved in a child slavery ring and that Scientology was trying to expose them to rescue the children. Mr. Amos said he felt that Moxon had told him this story in order to motivate him to commit illegal acts to try to catch Mr. Prince. Mr. Amos admitted to Mr. Prince that he had illegally wiretapped the telephone in Mr. Prince's Chicago apartment at the end of 1998. He also admitted that he had passed on information obtained via this illegal wiretap to his Scientology handlers. Mr. Amos also said that he had set up illegal surveillance equipment to monitor Mr. Prince, Ms. Brooks and Mark Bunker in their homes in Clearwater, Florida. Mr. Amos reluctantly agreed to show Mr. Prince where the surveillance equipment had been set up. However, he later refused to travel to Clearwater because he was afraid of what the Scientologists would do to him if they found out. A report of this meeting was sent to the FBI in Florida.

May 7, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist used the name lmt_watch@my-deja.com to post a message in response to something LMT staffer Mark Bunker had posted.

"Hey Bunker, from what you're saying you admit to breaking the law. It appears what you declined to do was to simply "Follow The Law". That is the now famous statement your boss Mr. Minton declared out loud with a bullhorn during one of his foolish pickets which landed him with a criminal record and Probation for the next 6 months with the Salvation Army. The only deceptive and abusive practices being perpetrated in Clearwater are coming from the LMT and your antics around town with police and security personnel trying to create incidents that you can capture on video tape for another one of your hate filled conspiracy videos."

May 7, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology in which he implied that Mr. Minton had something to do with the disappearance of Joan Woods, the medical examiner who initially reported that Lisa McPherson had died from severe dehydration but changed her autopsy report five years later, under pressure from Scientology. Her action in changing the autopsy report forced the State of Florida to drop their charges against Scientology. The post was titled "Joan Wood mission" and stated:

"Check Minton's backyard. It wouldn't be the first time a dead body has turned up there. Minton had the most to lose when Wood came out and told the truth of what really happened."

May 9, 2001: Gerard Renna, Director of Special Affairs in Boston, wrote a letter to J. Scott Currier, the police chief in Sandown, New Hampshire, where Mr. Minton lives. The purpose of the letter was clearly to cause the police officer to become alarmed about the possibility that Mr. Minton might pose a threat to the safety of the Sandown townspeople:

"Enclosed please find a copy of the Judgment issued against Mr. Minton on February 21, 2001 for willfully violating a Court injunction that required Mr. Minton to stay at least ten feet away from Church property and Church members at our religious retreat in Florida. As Mr. Minton is known to have guns, I have also enclosed a copy of his six-month probation order for your information. If you have any questions, you may contact me at the address below or by calling my office at (617) 266-3841."

May 15, 2001: Mark Bunker attended the grand opening of "Gaslight Alley." This was a project to renovate an alley in Clearwater that is right next to a Scientology building. Mr. Bunker attended in order to document on videotape the fact that Scientology was in control of the entire project. An anonymous Scientologist using the name lmt_watch@my-deja.com posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology in which Mark Bunker was portrayed as a hate monger simply for being present at the event:

"Bunker purposely missed reporting on the fantastic event. Great food, great people (over 300), repeated validation to the Church of Scientology by the Who's Who of Clearwater. This also shows how Bunker is so pathetically biased and filled with revenge and hate toward virtually all members of the community outside the LMT doors. And accordingly, the LMT presence was despised although everyone tried the best they could to ignore Bunker who stuck out like a dead cat at a wedding. Bunker squirmed into a little corner and stood up with his Mintoncam held to his face during the entire grand opening event, truly offensive to all in attendance as he scowled out across the gathering. The man is just plain rude. No wonder he is despised by the police from coast to coast. He just looks angry all of the time and dresses like a pig. One visitor looked at him and remarked "What is that -- Nazi youth?" The other responded, "You have it right except the youth part."

May 17, 2001: Ben Shaw wrote a letter to the Salvation Army Correctional Services alleging that Mr. Minton violated his probation by helping aid a fleeing criminal (Keith Henson). The text of the letter was as follows:

"Robert S. Minton is currently on probation under your auspices after his conviction for criminal contempt for his violation of an injunction issued by the Honorable Thomas Penick. Mr. Minton was convicted February 21, 2001 for his violation of that injunction following a week of hearings on an Order to Show Cause issued by Judge Penick.

One of the terms of his probation is: "You will live and remain at liberty without violating any law or any injunction (temporary of permanent) entered by the Court. A conviction in a court of law shall not be necessary in order for such a violation to constitute a violation of your probation."

One of Mr. Minton's associates, a member of the Advisory Board of the Lisa McPherson Trust, a for-profit company of which Mr. Minton is the Chairman of the Board, is H. Keith Henson. Mr. Henson was also a respondent in the hearing on the Orders to Show Cause before Judge Penick, but was acquitted. However, in a separate action in criminal court in Riverside County, California, on April 26, 2001, Mr. Henson was found guilty following a jury trial of a violation of Section 422.6 of the California Penal Code, also known as the California hate crime law, for his actions which were found to be interfering, with threat of force, with the free exercise of the Scientology religion. (Tab A)

On the day of his conviction Mr. Henson and his wife picketed the court house with a sign displaying the phone number of the Lisa McPherson Trust in Clearwater. (Tab B) His association with Mr. Minton and the Trust is undisputed.

Mr. Henson was ordered to report to sentencing on May 16, 2001. Instead he fled to Canada. A warrant has been issued for his arrest for this most recent breach of California law (failure to appear). (Tab C)

On the same day, when questioned in an Internet newsgroup as to whether he had assisted Mr. Henson to evade justice "after the fact", your probationer, Mr. Minton, placed a posting on the newsgroup bragging that, "I helped him (Henson) escape BEFORE the Fact". (Tab D) And in another posting which Mr. Minton directed to Mr. Henson, he asked, "You have enough money up there in Canada? If not, just let me know." (Tab E)

Aiding and abetting the commission of a crime is a violation of California Penal Code S 312,

All persons concerned in the commission of a crime, whether it be felony or misdemeanor, and whether they directly commit that act constituting the offense, or aid and abet in the commission, or, not being present, have advised and encouraged its commission, and all persons counseling, advising or encouraging children under the age of fourteen years, lunatics or idiots, to commit any crime, or who, by fraud, contrivance, or force, occasion the drunkenness of another for the purpose of causing him to commit any crime, or who, by threats, menaces, command, or coercion, compel another to commit any crime, are principals in any crime so committed." (Tab F)

Mr. Minton therefore appears to be in violation of the terms of his probation. I assume that you will take appropriate actions in dealing with his matter."

Mr. Minton's attorney, Bruce Howie, filed a motion for an order to show cause before Judge Penick as a result of this letter.

May 18, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name kewyatt@apexmail.com posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology titled "The Cult of Minton Strikes Back" in which he characterized Mr. Minton as unstable and irrational:

"I make some posts containing facts about Mr. Minton and the defenders arise with shining swords ready to do battle against any who dare to attack their king. They defend him when he shoots at (oh, sorry, "over") peaceful protesters, they defend him when he dumps his wife and kids for the woman he's been having an affair with, they defend him when he is arrested for assault and they defend him when he accuses some innocent woman of being a whore and a spy (well, at least less of them defended him over that one). It seems an obviously unstable and irrational individual who is currently on psychiatric medication can do no wrong when he is paying your rent."

May 18, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name lmtbadpr@cotse.com posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology titled "Brooks PR is very bad" in which he reproduced a column that had appeared in a local community newspaper called "Clearwater Countryside Citizen Publications." The man who wrote the column was found to have strong business connections with Scientologists in Clearwater. He wrote, in part:

"I try not to get overly excited about what people say or do to win political elections or influence other people's decisions. I accept that people, whose only concern is to see that their viewpoints prevail, often distort the truth…. That said, two things did upset me last month. The first was when a lawyer by the name of John Merrett, representing a group that is critical of the Church of Scientology, started a brouhaha when the Citizens for a Better Clearwater began selling bricks to be used to beautify the Gas Light Alley on Cleveland Street. Individuals purchased bricks with their names and/or sayings on them be laid in that alley. The problem around the group Mr. Merrett represents insisted on being able to purchase bricks with names and/or sayings on them that would be used to inflame emotions and further their own political agenda. Mr. Merrett, on behalf of the group, threatened to sue the city and the Citizens For A Better Clearwater if they did not allow his group to purchase bricks. Citizens For A Better Clearwater agreed to allow the brick purchases and that should have been that. Later, in an article in the St. Petersburg Times, Mr. Merrett says he was glad that the issue was resolved, but is also quoted as saying, "although it would have been nice to see them squirm." If that statement does not outrage you as much as it does me, it should. I don't pretend to know anything about the group Mr. Merrett represents, nor do I care about their feud with Scientology. This is between them. However, when citizens of Clearwater, whose only agenda is to try and do good for the community, are brought into the dispute because " it would be nice to seem them squirm" that is something else entirely. If the group continues to employ Mr. Merrett as their attorney I will understand them a lot better, and I am sure the citizens of Clearwater will as well."

May 22, 2001: Mr. Minton and Ms. Brooks were served with subpoenas in the Mike McLaughry v. David Morse case at Mr. Minton's gate as he arrived from Boston at the Tampa airport. How did the process server know when and through what gate Mr. Minton would arrive?

May 22, 2001: Mr. Minton was served another subpoena for deposition, this time in the Dell Leibreich case. He was served at the Lisa McPherson Trust as he went to his car.

May 24, 2001: Gerard Renna, Director of Special Affairs for Boston, wrote a letter to the FBI in Boston with cc's to the Boston Police Hate Crime Unit and the Chief of Police of Sandown, New Hampshire, where Mr. Minton lives. The letter stated the following:

Over the years we have been informing your agency concerning hate crimes against our Church by Mr. Robert S. Minton Jr. and associates. Minton, is currently on probation after his conviction for criminal contempt for his violation of an injunction issued by a Florida Judge.

It will probably be no great surprise to find that one of Minton's associates Keith Henson on April 26, 2001, was found guilty following a jury trial of a violation of Section 422.6 of the California Penal Code, also known as the California Hate Crime Law, for his actions which were found to be interfering, with threat of force, with the free exercise of the Scientology religion. Henson fled the country before sentencing and currently has a warrant out for his arrest. Minton is making known on the Internet that he is assisting Henson to evade justice and bragging in his posting, "I helped him (Henson) escape before the fact".

I am enclosing a letter sent to Minton's probation officer regarding violation of his probation by assisting Henson. I further would like to inform you that Minton lives in New Hampshire and Boston and that it is likely, due to his arrogance for the law, that he might harbor this fugitive of the United States at his home.

I am deeply concerned with the attached Internet posting by Minton to an anti-Scientology Internet news group, "BTW (by the way) Keith, that missile codes are safe but in case anything happens to us I'll PGP them below for the ARSCC team (passphrase of - 05-11-2001 will apply): "and posted the PGP key. I would not have taken this so seriously except that when you put this all together it shows continue pattern of increase violence by these individuals towards Scientology and there blatant disregard for the law. There has been a good deal of assistance by government and police agencies to protect our Constitutional rights by those who wish to hard our religion. Thank you for your consideration."

May 24, 2001: The judge in Jesse Prince's trial for marijuana possession declared a mistrial after the jury deadlocked 5-1 for acquittal. After a two-day trial, the jurors felt Mr. Prince had been set up by four Scientology private investigators in an effort to turn him into a criminal.

May 25, 2001: The day after the judge declared a mistrial, the prosecutor announced that the charges were being dropped against him and the State would not retry the case.

May 25, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name lmtbadpr@cotse.com posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology titled "The LMT - What Assholes!" in which he stated:

"The LMT led by the notorious Bob Minton arrived in Clearwater a year ago. Within days they were snubbed forever by the community because of their rude and crude behavior. They were noticed as a hate group that practiced incredibly bad manners. Each one of them did so under Minton's direction: Brooks attacked the city government. (Now they are attacking the State); Bunker attacked the Police; Jacobsen attacked the people who were trying to beautify downtown; and Prince attacked the parishioners of the Church with profane harassment. The LMT is nothing more than a foul smell in town these days. I don't know who is the bigger asshole. Minton or the LMT collectively."

May 25, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name lmtbadpr@cotse.com posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology titled "The Jesse Prince Retrial" in which he stated:

"The only guarantee we're going to get out of Mr. Minton and his LMT is more lies. That's a fact. Minton portrays himself, Jesse Prince and the rest of the LMT as poor victims in society. What he can't seem to reconcile is that he and the rest of the LMTers break the law and are held accountable because they are not capable of controlling themselves. Minton, the CEO of the LMT, was just convicted for breaking the law in Florida for his belligerent conduct of harassment. Keith Henson, an LMT Advisor, was just convicted on the California Hate Crime statute for his harassment. Minton lies. He has a huge multi-million dollar investment in litigation against the COS and he's burned that he's on probation and Prince is prosecuted for his illegal drug use. Minton places the blame elsewhere but he fails to see himself as the perfect example of a religious bigot unable to control himself. He's sick and so are the rest of the bigots at the LMT. You're facing the music for your own actions Minton. Why don't you just grow up or go away."

June 5, 2001: Connie T. Dugan, head of the Salvation Army Correctional Services, responded to Scientologist Ben Shaw's letter in which he accused Mr. Minton of violating his probation. Ms. Dugan explained that there would be no violation unless Mr. Minton was actually charged with a crime by the police department or state attorney's office or if Judge Penick found that he was in violation of the injunction.

June 6, 2001: Jeff Jacobsen was followed by a Scientology private investigator. Jeff turned off to a side road to see if the car would follow him and it did. Jeff then turned on another side road and stopped. The car following Jeff stopped, backed up in the road and drove in the opposite direction upon seeing Jeff pull over. The plate number was A60 SPV and was leased from Ford Credit Title. This was one of approximately fifty reports Mr. Jacobsen made about specific instances of being followed in Clearwater.

June 13, 2001: In response to Bob Minton's essay on the LMT accomplishments, an anonymous Scientologist using the name Public Anonymous Account (remailer@xganon.com) posted a message titled "LMT Accomplishments of 2000-2001." He listed a number of things, as follows:

"1. They have aided many known felons.

2. They have helped many convicted felons elude justice.

3. They have likely committed other unpublicized crimes that they are unwilling to admit.

4. They have slandered charitable organizations.

5. They have promoted hate, intolerance and bigotry.

6. They have tastelessly set up shop near the homes of those they despise, akin to a Nazi establishing camp in Israel.

7. They have promoted illegal drug use and abuse, and spoken out against charitable organizations opposed to such abuse.

8. They have lied outrageously about crimes committed by their constituents and those they aid in vain attempts to mask their fundamentally criminal nature."

June 15, 2001: In the FSO v. Dell Leibreich case, Judge W. Douglas Baird found Mr. Minton in contempt of court for failure to appear for a deposition that had been scheduled for March 1, 2001, in response to a subpoena served on February 9, 2001. He was further "ordered and adjudged that he shall appear and respond to said subpoena and that he shall produce all non- privileged documents and a privilege log of all purported privileged documents at the commencement of deposition. Failure to comply will result in a fine of $1000 per day until such time that he complies or until such time that he shall be incarcerated for failure to appear."

June 16, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name Bremenium posted a message on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology titled "LMT Hall of Infamy-Online." He listed all the web sites where Scientologists have posted scurrilous material about Mr. Minton and the staff of the LMT:

Brooks, Stacy
Finding the Fact and Order Concerning Deposition
Failure to appeals against this order
Hit with sanctions for contempt

Bunker, Mark
Criminal History

LMT, Inc.
Legal Losses
Contempt and Sanctions
Witness tampering, intimidation and improper payments to witnesses
More Sanctions for Contempt

Minton, Mr. Minton
Criminal History
Found Guilty - Fined and given 6-months probation
Sunday Express article regarding Nigerian debt payback scheme
Nigerian Complaint Against Minton
Business Age Feature Article About Minton's Debt Buy Back Schemes
LMT, Inc. Legal Losses
Findings of Fact and Order- contempt & sanctions
Order to Show Cause Regarding Contempt
Order on Motion to compel Robert Minton to Answer Questions…
More Sanctions for contempt
Mr. Minton Minton arrested in Boston
(Documentation) http://www.bigotwatch.net/prd01.html
(Video) http://www.bigotwatch.net/footage.html
Mr. Minton Minton attempts to incite a confrontation (Video)
Mr. Minton Minton attacks Scientologist in Clearwater (Video)
Mr. Minton Minton slow motion battery (Video)
Minton loses it! (Video)
Dateline interview (Video)
Minton Harasses Clearwater Police (Video)
Minton threatens process server (Video)

Prince, Jesse
Criminal History
Arrest affidavit for cultivation of Marijuana
Prince arrested for drunken driving
Prince Disorderly Conduct
Articles on Jesse Prince's Marijuana Arrest
Drug charge against Prince
Prince Arrested for Statutory Rape
Prince Search Warrant
Kiss your mama with that mouth?

June 18, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name sleddog-no-spam@cotse.com posted a message titled "Minton found in Contempt of Court - Again." The text of the message was as follows:

"Bigotwatch says it all. Another Judge has found Minton in contempt of court.

"Just as the LMT is condemned in Clearwater, Florida, the United States and Europe for their obnoxious criminal conduct, harassment and practice of religious bigotry, so is Mr. Minton found in Contempt of Court once again for violating Court Orders. Not only has Minton been found in Contempt again, this time he has been ordered to pay $1000 a day should he continue his utter refusal to uphold the laws of the land.

"When will these guys ever learn that crime doesn't pay and to just tell the truth? Of course they have filthy dirty laundry but that does not excuse their constant refusal to follow the law. Minton is already in the hole over $1,000,000 for this type of conduct along with his other $5,000,000 investments in hatred flushing down the toilet. Why doesn't Mr. Minton just FOLLOW THE LAW?? It's quite apparent that he and the rest of the LMT staff are unable to tell the truth, the recent Prince trial proved that. (LMT Executive Director refused to take the stand in his own defense because he would have to either perjure himself or admit to continuous illegal drug use for years.)"

June 22, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name sleddog@cotse.com posted a message titled "Judge ends LMT charade in civil lawsuit." The text of the message was as follows:

"The Judge presiding over Minton's McPherson civil lawsuit has ruled a death blow to the case. With an unprecedented 49 page Order, Judge Frank Quesada has ruled into fact and law and once and for all, based on mountains of uncontroverted evidence, that Lisa McPherson loved Scientology and never wanted to leave it. Minton's blood thirsty LMT ratbags have been defanged as their poisonous venom spews into their faces.

"The direct testimony of every family member of Lisa, her friends and every expert witness that Minton put forward, such as Prince and Vaughn Young, and his hired gun psychiatrists, was used by the Judge to clearly show that the bogus and deceitful lies told, repeatedly and spread by Minton, his pack of criminals at the LMT and his attorney's have never had any basis in fact. Instead, the exact opposite was found. Everything that was said bad about the Church and Scientologist's help for Lisa was false as it was only intended to support a lawsuit based on knowingly told lies.

"The Judge also delivered the final blow to Jesse Prince's career (as if he ever had one as he never got off the starting block short of making a quarter of a million dollars in blood money from his master Minton) when he ruled his testimony is not only inadmissible but didn't even say what he claimed it to say.

"Somebody needs to post it."

June 26, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name sleddog@cotse.com posted a message titled "Minton Suppressing of Free Speech; What's really going on inside Minton's bunker." The text of the message was as follows:

"Minton and Brooks do not allow for the truth inside or outside of the LMT as it discredits all of the lies they have told in the civil litigation. Minton is the SP of free speech inside and outside of the LMT.

"Brooks, Bunker and Jacobsen have been asked repeatedly on this newsgroup to tell us and show us what is actually going on in the McPherson case litigation. They could easily walk a few blocks from their bunker to the courthouse and get some documents from the court file and post them but they don't. Minton won't allow it.

"Minton finally responded yesterday from pressure by critics who questioned why Jacobsen only has the First Amended Complaint on his page vs. the actual 5th Amended Complaint. (BTW what does Jacobsen do all day with himself?) Minton responded by trying to blow another smoke screen over this newsgroup by claiming an ongoing "frustration with Ken Dandar" which prevents him or the LMT from obtaining public record court documents.

"So why does Minton really refuse to allow his organization to post the court documents. Minton claims that Ken Dandar prefers to keep the documents off the Internet because Scientology makes a stink and hammers him in court and he hates that. The real reason is that Minton hasn't won anything in his case and has been hammered continuously as the lies embedded in Dandar's allegations and motions have been exposed and proven false one after the other. Minton, Brooks and Dandar have lost so heavily that Minton must now pay out millions in damages, fees and costs as the case disintegrates and Minton is ordered to pay $1000 a day in sanctions for avoiding deposition to answer questions that reveal he is running the case as an investment scam. The proof is all contained in court documents readily available as public records.

"Minton, Brooks, Prince, Bunker & Jacobsen simply don't have any way to put a favorable spin on the way the McPherson case has gone for them since the biggest lies from the criminal case and the case itself was thrown out a year ago. All of their lies just cannot withstand the truth. This is something that Minton won't tell you about as he is psychotic on the subject of the truth.

"Minton complains '50% of the bullshit of every hearing in the civil case is about him. It is actually more like 100% because the other 50% Minton won't admit to are the lies he has told.

"It is left up to Bigotwatch to bring you the facts, while Minton pays dearly another month's salary to the staff in his bunker - Brooks, Prince, Bunker, Jacobsen, Summers et.al - to continue to suppress the truth.

"See the latest addition at www.bigotwatch.net/publicrecorddocuments.html displaying the recent summary judgment dismissing the plaintiffs' false imprisonment claim in the McPherson civil litigation.

"While others whine, cry and lie, Bigotwatch gives you the facts and documents to back them up.

June 26, 2001: Mr. Minton's new probation officer, under pressure from Scientology, ordered Mr. Minton to register all of his guns. Mr. Minton informed her that New Hampshire does not have a provision to register weapons beyond the initial ownership papers, but she persisted in her demand. Mr. Minton turned over ownership of the guns to Ms. Brooks until his probation was terminated on August 20, 2001.

July 8, 2001: Bruce Howie filed a motion for an order to show cause and motion for modification and in camera review or early termination of probation. This was regarding the Injunction and the following harassment faced by Mr. Minton at the hands of the Scientology:

"1) the sending of a letter written by a representative of the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization to Mr. Minton's probation officer, with copies to the court and Mr. Minton's counsel documenting alleging that there was a violation by Mr. Minton of his probation;

2) the sending of a letter by an employee of the Church of Scientology of Boston to a New Hampshire police department, forwarding copies of the injunction and that terms of Mr. Minton's probation; and

3) the sending of a letter, by the same employee of the Church of Scientology of Boston, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, submitting information about an apparent probation violation of the conditions of Mr. Minton's probation."

July 18, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name lmtbadpr@cotse.com posted the following message to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology:

"Why would the LMT allow evidence of their involvement (direct supervision) of illegal electronic surveillance of law enforcement officers get into the hands of the police? A few months ago two Spanish El Mundo TV reporters were sponsored by the LMT while in Clearwater to film a show. The reporters obviously conducted their business in and out of the LMT while in Clearwater.

"They covertly made an audio and video record of two Clearwater Police Officers warning them they would be conducting illegal surveillance if the bag they were carrying concealed a hidden recorder. The denied it, yet the illegal tape was aired recently on Spanish TV, thereby exposing and documenting the crime. (a felony under Fla stat 934.01)

"The Clearwater police already issued a warning to Bunker when he openly video and audio taped a police officer without his permission. This time it was done covertly and denying it at the same time.

"And from what I hear the same police officer who warned Bunker has the tape of the Spanish show which clearly shows the El Mundo journalists coming in and out of the LMT and then covertly recording the police. (They couldn't even get in the Church to commit the crime so they just did it on the police! What idiots!)

"And this police officer is apparently the one who has the case.

"Can't wait for the fireworks!

"The LMT criminal record is growing. Who's going to pay the bill to defend this one?

"P.S. This sounds like a violation of the injunction too - El Mundo reporters acting in participation with the LMT.

August 2, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name dexter_meredith@hotmail.com (Dexterrr) posted a message in which he detailed Mr. Minton's psychiatric history and included a child psychologist his children had seen. The text of the message follows:

"Minton has been under extensive psychiatric care throughout his life. He has been seen for treatment by at least five psychs.

"Madison Sanatorium: In about 1963 Minton was sent to this mental facility after a violent falling out with his father. It is not known what psychs treated him at this sanatorium.

"Doctor Saeger: Minton and his then wife, Cynthia Wharton, saw him in NYC at a mental clinic circa 1977/78. Minton was diagnosed with bi-polar personality disorder and was taking drugs to treat it.

"Jennifer Rathbun: Mass General and McLeans associated. She is a child psych. Her husband is a psych at Harvard.

"Doctor Robert Abernethy: Mass General psychiatrist most recently treating Minton in Boston. Studied and worked at Eric Lindemann Center where he was the director of their Freedom Trail Clinic.

"Doctor Terrence Real: Trendy psych in Cambridge; expert on Prozac and on male depression.

"The insane sometimes don't know what they're doing."

August 07, 2001: An anonymous Scientologist using the name lmt_watch@my-deja.com posted the following message to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology:

"I've got one question for Bob Minton's Trust:

"What is Mark Bunker, Jeff Jacobsen and Jesse Prince even doing now to earn their daily bread from the almighty Minton since they can't even talk to a Scientologist in Clearwater anymore let alone picket in front of the Fort Harrison, anywhere along the coveted Watterson Avenue or surprise anyone without permission from the Clearwater Police?


"from picketing, protesting, and/or demonstrating in the areas designated in BLUE (which is greatly expanded from the prior "no picket" zone)...and from engaging in any of the aforementioned activities within ten feet of any entrance or exit actually used frequently on a daily basis to all Church property that is not expressly included in the prohibited zones

"Lawful picketing means "not contrary to or forbidden by law", provided that at all times while picketing, all persons bound by this injunction shall comply with the anti-noise provisions of this injunction.

"from coming within ten (10) feet of any member of the Church.

"from blocking the path of any member of any motor vehicle of the Church

"from physically or by any other means inhibiting any Church member, any member of the general public, or any motor vehicle, from entering or leaving any Church properties that are listed in the schedule of properties...

"from making loud and raucous noise such as, but not limited to, yelling, shouting, whistling or singing (whether by natural or amplified voice), or by the employment of any mechanical device such as a horn, whistle, or other noisemaker that creates a loud and raucous noise that can be heard inside any of the Church properties that are listed in the schedule of properties

"a "loud and raucous noise" is any sound which because of its volume level, duration, and character, annoys, disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, health, peace or safety of reasonable persons of ordinary sensibilities.

"from entering upon any of the Church properties that are listed in the schedule of properties...

"from committing any acts of harassment or violence against any member of the Church, including, without limitation, any UNSOLICITED physical, verbal or written contact with any Church staff or parishioner.

"must notify Clearwater Police Department at least one hour in advance of the demonstrations/event and inform the Clearwater Police Department of their/its intentions.

"Any violation hereof shall constitute contempt of court, punishable by fine and/or imprisonment."

August 15, 2001: Stacy Brooks was deposed as the corporate representative of the Lisa McPherson Trust. Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon asked many questions that were outside the scope of the deposition, including a number of questions about Ms. Brooks' personal life. Moxon also demanded documents regarding the people who had come to the Lisa McPherson Trust for help. Ms. Brooks refused to turn over any of the documents to Scientology as it would be a violation of privacy.

August 23, 2001: Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon filed a Motion requesting that Judge Schafer put Mr. Minton and Ms. Brooks in jail until they produced all the records Scientology had demanded. These records included all the records of the people the Lisa McPherson Trust had helped.

August 26, 2001: Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon filed an Opposition to [Lisa McPherson Trust staffer] Teresa Summers' Motion to Quash or for Protective Order in which he tried to get the court to force Ms. Summers to turn over documents about certain people who had contacted the Lisa McPherson Trust for help.

August 28, 2001: Information was received that Scientologists were obtaining information about Mr. Minton's wife and children by regularly stealing the trash at the house in Boston.

August 2001: Scientology attorney Sandy Rosen sent a letter to Stacy Brooks putting her on notice that the Lisa McPherson Trust was enjoined under an earlier injunction of FACTNet, a corporation of which both she and Mr. Minton had been on the board of directors.

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