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The Story of OTIII

This except from an English documentary on Scientology features an animated rendition of the story of OTIII.

BBC - England


Russell Miller


Description of video is in italics. VO=VOICEOVER

the letters OT floating in black background; then "Operating Thetan" is spelled out; then the words "OT I", "OT II" and "OT III" floating in background; book cover, "OT III--CONFIDENTIAL"

VO: The upper level courses are called "OT", which stands for "Operating Thetan", Hubbard’s word for the spirit. The OT levels are supposedly so powerful that you can die of pneumonia if you are exposed to them unprepared. It costs around £5,000 to take OT III, which contains Hubbard’s cosmology.

person’s hand open’s up the "OT III" book to page saying "OT III--L. Ron Hubbard"

VO: The church is trying to keep this material secret, but former senior Scientologists in America have leaked it, and versions have been published. This is an outline of the story:

simulated shot of Earth and other planets

ANNOUNCER: 75 million years ago, this planet was called Teegeeack. There were 90 planets in this sector called the Galactic Confederation.

VO: This is part of the text of a Hubbard lecture:

cartoon of a bearded man in a futuristic uniform

VOICE OF L. RON HUBBARD: They had elected a fellow by the name of Xenu to the supreme ruler and they were about to un-elect him. And he took the last moments he had in office to really goof the floof.

more of the cartoon of the bearded man

ANNOUNCER: Xenu decided to take radical measures to overcome the population problem.

spaceship flying back to Earth

ANNOUNCER: Beings were captured on other planets and flown to locations near 10 volcanoes or more on Earth.

volcano, bomb exploding inside it

ANNOUNCER: H-bombs were dropped on the volcanoes, destroying the bodies of the beings who, as thetans, attached themselves to one another as clusters.

cartoon characters holding guns; blue kite flying to a mountaintop

ANNOUNCER: A revolt followed of the Loyal Officers against Xenu. Xenu was locked up in an electronic mountain fortress and remains there still.

grassy meadow--two people popping up out of nowhere; smiley faces (body thetans) floating through the air and turning into more people

ANNOUNCER: Since that time, beings born on this planet have had clusters of thetans attached to their bodies. OT III can run out these clusters and cause them to leave us and reincarnate as individuals.

man with the letters "O" with the letter "T" inside them floating around him, which then disappear; man holds up his hands

VO: After hours of expensive auditing, you are rid of the body thetans attached to you.

man telepathically lifting up teacup, floating out of his body, then with the "OT III" book

VO: You may then acquire psychic powers, move objects at a distance, and have out-of-body experiences. If you find you can’t, then you must take the course again for another £5,000.

Transcript courtesy of Xenubat


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