Tory Christman-Bezazian


Tory has a medical condition. In Scientology, this meant that she was a potential trouble source (commonly referred to as "PTS"). In other words, they considered her illness was nothing more than a manifestation of lack of personal ethics and she was treated as a liabilty to the organization. Scientologists repeatedly tried to shame her for having this medical condition. She discusses this in two affidavits, the first written in March of 2001 which gives an overiew and a second, more detailed description in an affidavit written in April of 2001 which is in pdf. format.

Through a series of six Internet postings, written in March and April of 2001 Tory tells what she knows about how Scientology's Office of Special Affairs works:

OSA 101

Part I -- How the OSA trap really works

Part II -- Who's who in OSA

Part III -- Will the real Mike Smith please stand up?

Part IV -- About Black PR tactics

Part V -- The Secret Project to Spam the Internet

Part VI --Setting Up Secret Internet Accounts

In addition to working with OSA for twenty years, Tory worked with WISE, The Way to Happiness Foundation, Narconon, and other Scientology-based front groups. She enjoys helping families involved in Scientology and welcomes calls from kids, parents, adults, schools and businesses about the sect and its front groups.

Leaving Scientology after thirty years wasn't easy for Tory but one person who cared helped make the decision possible. In Tory's case, that person was Andreas Heldal Lund, a critic of Scientology who lives in Norway who runs the very informative website Andreas has an extensive collection of stories and documentation about Tory on his site.

Tory told us how she was doing eight months after leaving Scientology in her April 2001 Internet post, "Out for 8 months!"

Please feel free to e-mail Tory.

Tory Bezazian is a star! We know you'll enjoy knowing her as much as we have.



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