Operation Snow White (continued)

As the sentencing memorandum indicates, these actions were widespread and illegal:

The crimes committed by these defendants is of a breadth and scope previously unheard of. No building, office, desk, or file was safe from their snooping and prying. No individual or organization was free from their despicable conspiratorial minds.

The tools of their trade were miniature transmitters, lock picks, secret codes, forged credentials, and any other device they found necessary to carry out their conspiratorial schemes.

It is interesting to note that the founder of their organization, unindicted co-conspirator L. Ron Hubbard, wrote in his dictionary entitled Modern Management Technology Defined ... that 'truth is what is true for you.' Thus, with the founder's blessings they could wantonly commit perjury as long as it was in the interest of Scientology.

The defendants rewarded criminal activities that ended in success and sternly rebuked those that failed. The standards of human conduct embodied in such practices represent no less than the absolute perversion of any known ethical value system.

In view of this, it defies the imagination that these defendants have the unmitigated audacity to seek to defend their actions in the name of 'religion.'

That these defendants now attempt to hide behind the sacred principles of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to privacy -- which principles they repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to violate with impunity -- adds insult to the injuries which they have inflicted on every element of society."

[Sentencing Memorandum of United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al, criminal case # 78-401 in October, 1978 -- US District Court, Washington DC.]


"... it brings into focus more than anything else the refusal by the defendants to live by the law -- their apparently intractable conviction that they are somehow above the law.

This is illustrated by Mrs. Hubbard's statement on the witness stand that she and her codefendants, including these two defendants, felt they could do to others whatever they perceived, however erroneously, others were doing to them."

[Sentencing Memorandum in ; US v. Kember and Budlong Criminal No. 78-401(2)&(3)]

Mary Sue Hubbard, Cindy Raymond, Gerald Bennett Wolfe, Henning Heldt, Duke Snider, Gregory Willardson, Richard Weigand, Mitchell Herman, Sharon Thomas, Jane Kember, and Mo Budlong were convicted and sent to prison in the Snow White case.

All were ranking Scientologists, some appointed by L. Ron Hubbard himself.

Although Scientology claimed to have cleaned house since the Snow White convictions, kicking out all these perpetrators, in fact that is not the case.

Kendrick Moxon worked in Scientology’s legal office at that time and was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator for providing false handwriting samples to the FBI. Today Moxon is Scientology’s lead in-house attorney.


Mary Sue Hubbard, head of the Guardian’s Office at the time of the raid, is still listed as a Patron of Scientology (a member who has donated a large amount of funds).

Henning Heldt, Deputy Guardian for the United States (DG US), is listed in Scientology publications as a major contributor and having taken courses.

Duke Snider is listed as having taken Scientology courses in the 1990s.

Dick Weigand, Deputy Guardian for Information in the United States (DG I US), was working for Scientology in Columbia in the 1990s to spread the gospel there.

The Snow White program was never officially closed by Scientology. The paranoia has not left Scientology. The Guardian’s Office was replaced with the Office of Special Affairs. The policies by Hubbard to attack and destroy perceived enemies are still in force.

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