Lisa McPherson - Civil Case

Estate of Lisa McPherson v. Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization

Lisa McPherson's mother hired attorney Ken Dandar to launch a civil suit against Scientology in the wrongful death of her daughter. Fannie McPherson died shortly thereafter and the lawsuit was continued by Lisa's aunts.

Fifth Amended Complaint - December 21, 1999 (PDF 1.82 megs)

Video Deposition of Robert Vaughn Young - December 21, 1999 - February 10, 2000

Plaintiff's Response to Church of Scientology FSO, Inc's Motion to Compel LMT, Inc. to Return to Deposition - August 29, 2001

Memorandum in Support of Nonpartie's Motions for Protective Order - August 29, 2001

Motion to Compel Judges Ruling - August 29, 2001


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