Meet Gabe Cazares (cont.)

In March Scientology ran a petition campaign to call for Cazares to resign. They managed to get 318 signatures.

Gabe struck back with a libel and slander suit on February 27 based on Maren’s press conference.

A June 6, 1976 “Guardian Programme Order” by Scientology’s Guardian’s Office (their own CIA) was created and dubbed “Mayor Cazares Handling Project.”


This secret project was designed to “remove him from public office and discredit him as an opinion leader.” This included forming letter-writing campaigns against Cazares, working for any political opponent of his, asking him embarrassing questions at his political rallies, registering all Scientologists to vote against him, filing suit against him, placing an operative in the Cazares campaign, and many other such actions.


On August 5 the St. Petersburg Times reported that an anonymous letter from a “Sharon T.” claimed Gabe had spent the night with her in Washington D.C. and was involved in a hit and run accident.

The Justice Dept. began investigating because it was sent to democratic officials and party workers in Pinellas county in an apparent attempt to ruin Gabe’s run for a congressional seat. This was a Scientology sting operation.

In 1976, the GO [Guardian’s Office] was determined to silence all opposition in the City of Clearwater. Mayor Cazares was its chief target.

A GO agent, posing as a reporter, interviewed the mayor when he was on a visit to Washington, D.C. The “reporter” introduced Cazares to Sharon Thomas, another GO agent. She offered to show Cazares the sights of Washington. While they were driving, they ran into a pedestrian. Sharon Thomas drove on. The mayor did not know that the “victim” of the accident was yet another GO agent, Michael Meisner.

Scientology ran other operations on Gabe, such as Project Taco-less, which was designed to “ruin his political career and remove/restrain him as an opponent of Scn.”

In June of 1977, the FBI raided the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. based on the testimony of a Scientologist. The raid netted thousands of documents, and led to the conviction of 11 of the highest ranking Scientologists for the largest infiltration of the U.S. government in history. Some of the seized documents were the operations and programs against Cazares and the city of Clearwater. By November of 1977, Cazares had seen copies of these documents, and he called for tighter security in Clearwater government against the Scientology threat.

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