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The Amazing Pulp World of L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard spent much of the 30's and 40's as a writer of fiction for what were known as pulp magazines.

"Pulps" got their nickname from the cheap grade of paper used for printing the magazines.

For several decades, pulps sat on newstands alongside the comic books offering fantastic adventures with larger than life heroes. For a dime, readers could escape into these tales of adventure and intrigue. Some writers of this era, such as Dashiell Hammett or Robert Heinlein, graduated from the pulps and became respected authors.

L. Ron Hubbard opted to use his writing skills to create Scientology.

After Hubbard's wife and ten other top Scientologists went to prison for covert operations against the United States government, Hubbard went into hiding and returned to churning out sci-fi potboilers such as Battlefield Earth.







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