In 1999, Bob Minton started a "Literati Contest" on the Internet newsgroup called alt.religion.scientology that resulted in the submission of 12 very insightful essays into the "dark side" or inner workings of the Scientology organization and the real intent of L. Ron Hubbard.

In 2000, the Literatti Contest was continued by the Lisa McPherson Trust.

  Announcement of Year 2000 Contest (and background)

blue ball   Official Rules for the Year 2000 Contest

2000 Winning Essays

"Scientology: Control, Freedom & Responsibility."

The LMT asked for essays which would analyze how control, freedom and responsibility operate together or clash within the organization and how these interface with the non-Scientology world. How that is done or presented was up to the essayist. The essayist was also free to choose their own title for the piece.

    bullet  First Place: Chris Owen
      "The Control Agenda"
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Also available in PDF format

    bullet  Second Place: "Anti-Virus"
      "Scientology: Soul Hackers"
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Also available in PDF format

    bullet  Third Place: "Peter Smith"
      "Doubletalk: Orwellian Reversal Of Meaning"

    bullet  Special Cartesian Award: Erik W. Snead
      "Scientology and the Paradoxes of Freedom"

    bullet  Special Junior Division: Astra Woodcraft
      "When Can I Start My Life?"

2000 Honorable Mention

    bullet  Eldon M. Braun
      "The Attention Fix"

    bullet  David Cecere
      "Control, Freedom and Responsibility"

    bullet  Patricia Krenik
      "Peeling the Onion"

    bullet  Arnie Lerma
      "The Art of Deception - II"

    bullet  Arel Lucas
      "Is Freedom It's Own Reward?"

    bullet  Mark Plummer
      "What You Are About to Read is Entheta" 

   bullet  Cheryl Sola
      "A World Without"

    bullet  David S. Touretzky
      "The Hidden Messages in Study Tech"

    bullet  "Christina Wilson"
      "Rose Colored Glasses"

1999 Winning Essays

    bullet  First Place: Joe Cisar
      "Doing Hard Time on Planet Earth"
      (12,000+ words - 79Kb)

    bullet  Second Place: Scott Mayer
      "Making God Swallow His Laughter"

      (11,000 words - 69Kb)

    bullet  Third Place: Arnie Lerma
      "The Art of Deception"

      (11,000 words - 69Kb)

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