Subject: New threats directed at Therese, children and me
From: (Bob Minton)

Date: 9/28/98 8:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time

One of the London PI's working for scientology, Peter Franks, has been talking to as many of Therese's friends in England as he can as well as my former business partner. Franks has laid out the following strategy:

My former partner, Therese and the children are most likely targets to "track" in order to bring pressure on me to stop. My former partner's office and home (wife + children) have been regularly picketed and leafleted for several weeks. Franks says they will go after Jeff's clients, including picketing the Nigerian delegation to the IMF meeting in Washington, D.C. October 4-8. Franks claims Jeff is going to be caught in a web of IRS tax investigations of me and claims 2 IRS agents they are working with are about ready to pounce on me. Due to the 7 year statue of limitations, scientology figures Jeff will also be ensnared unless he does something to help them.

Franks has said that each and every neighbor of Therese will be visited in Boston and the whole ugly scene will be laid out for all to hear. The children's schools will be targeted for the same campaign which will include teachers, administrators and parents to paint me as a pariah.

Further, Scientology is having a hard time understanding why Therese won't accept their help. "We don't want to hurt Therese because she's such a good lady'! Franks said, "we're willing to assist her," he continued.

Police in England have taken an interest in this matter.

The truth is definitely stranger than fiction!

Bob Minton