Robert S. Minton
137 Fremont Road
Sandown, N.H. 03873

January 24,1996

President William Jefferson Clinton
President of The United States of America
The White House
Washington, District of Columbia 20500

Dear President Clinton;

The Constitution of our beloved country is repeatedly under attack by a Section 501 3C U. S. taxpayer supported entity which has a 40 year history of criminal behavior in the United States and the world.

I have never before written to an elected Federal Government official, but actions in the last year by the Church of Scientology compel me to ask something of my Government for a second time in my life. You, President Clinton, being the highest Federal official under my employ are respectfully requested to ask the Attorney General to look into the flagrant abuse by this entity of the First and Fourth Amendments to our Constitution; specifically, abuses by Scientology in copyright related civil court procedures of ex parte searches and seizures with expedited discovery.

These ex parte searches essentially allow private citizens to conduct searches of other private citizens with little, and, in some cases almost no, oversight by courts or law enforcement authorities. Ex parte searches without supervision effectively legalize Scientology’s previously documented criminal practices of burglary and theft. If you ever have trouble sleeping, try reading the almost 300 pages of Stipulations of Evidence in the United States of America v. Mary Sue Hubbard, et al (the others being 10 more top Scientology officials). Read how this now 501 3C corporation infiltrated and burglarized the IRS, the Justice Department and the Attorney General’s office. Scientology says it has changed since 1974 but every day on the internet I see these people doing the same thing they have done for over forty years-lie. Scientology, semper idem.

I am asking you as the leader of our Federal Government to find out if indeed the Attorney General shares my belief that the Church of Scientology makes it a practice to abuse the laws of the United States of America and to harass citizens of this country who dare to exercise their rights to critcize Scientology.

I’ll share a few quotes with you from the November 1995, VOL., 9 NO 2. issue of The American Jurist, Washington College of Law cover story: Dangerous Science: The Church of Scientology’s Holy War against Critics-

“Some critics claim that Scientology is far too great a force for just private attorneys and citizens to deal with. They ask that the federal government take major steps to crack down on the church’s illegal activities (as the governments of Germany and other European countries have been doing).”

“Federal agents complain that the Justice Department is unwilling to spend the money needed to endure a drawn out war with Scientology or to fend off the cult’s notorious jihads against agents.”

“Ignorance about Scientology and its evils are widespread, both here and abroad.”

President Clinton, I too grew up in the South at the same time as you right next to Arkansas in Tennessee; and, I’m sure we have shared many of the same values along our paths to where we are today. I know we now differ politically but I’m certain we both love our country and are willing to work within the Constitutional framework established to see that injustices of the type committed by Scientology are stopped.

I once before asked my government for help when I was a young married University of Tennessee student having difficulty, despite 3 part time jobs, of fully supporting my wife and young son. I received $84.00 of food stamps per month for my last year of school until graduation. My cost for that was $18.00. I have since then literally paid millions in taxes (no thanks to you on this front!) to the U. S. Treasury. It was indeed a good investment for both of us. Thanks!

I now ask again for help--do not hesitate to use my tax dollars to stop Scientology from undermining the U. S. Constitution, our legal system and the rights of all of our citizens.

Our First in the Nation primary is just around the corner and I have not yet decided who I will vote for. You are welcome to come by anytime for a drink and to see my Tree Farm. It might be hard for me to round up a lot of Democrats for drinks but I could make a respectable showing.

Very best wishes and thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Robert S. Minton

P.S. I will take the liberty of posting a copy of this letter on the internet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology to encourage others to write their elected officials. Any response to this letter will, unless I am requested not to and I agree to respect such a request, be posted on the same internet newsgroup.