From: (Robert S. Minton)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: “Wanted” Co$ Tax Exemption: $360,000 Reward Offered
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 12:38:42 -0500

When I arrived in Clearwater, I felt compelled to see with my own eyes what I had previously only read about--the former Fort Harrison Hotel, now the paramilitary headquarters of the worlds most successful cult founded by the extraordinary scam artist and madman L. Ron Hubbard.

As I drove into downtown Clearwater on March 7th, Sea Org Central was easy to spot. All I needed to do was follow the lines of uniformed youth (very young indeed) dressed in navy blue trousers, light blue shirts and dark ties (which were short and looked like a crossed ribbon, untied but tacked together at the collar). I was amazed there were so many, but they had just left the restored Clearwater Bank building (no doubt courses had let out) and were heading to Flag--the Fort Harrison. While circling Flag, I imMediately noticed the uniformed Security Guards, noticibly older than those being guarded, in uniforms like the Clearwater Police except for no stripes down the side of pants, a simliar but not identical badge, and a arm patch that did not say Clearwater Police. No doubt in anticipation of Dennis Erlich’s arrival, there were also more ominious looking thugs guarding what appeared to be an entrance that might have been for parking, deliveries or something.

I wondered to myself what the Clearwater Police thought about having to “share” downtown Clearwater security with this crowd of distinguished looking scum. Why, I asked myself, is this scene happening in a beautiful city like Clearwater rather than at a private compound in a place like Jonestown or Waco. Worse still was the thought that this scene was supported by US and Clearwater taxpayers by virtue of the IRS granting tax exempt status to Co$.

Clearwater is an occupied city. Flag is a flickering flame waiting to mushroom into an inferno. In the meantime, a tragedy of human suffering and pain is in progress as the minds of those young people in the Sea Org are flushed of the ability to think critically. These children, who are sons and daughters like the rest of us, are prisoners at Flag. Their minds are truly being chained to the sick and twisted teachings of Hubbard by David Miscaviage, the current criminal at the helm of Co$.

I heard today from a friend “anybody who gets into something like $cientology deserves what they get.” I wonder what he would say if it was his Sea Org daughter standing on the corner around the edge of the Clearwater bank building watching us picket. As I approached her to photograph her, the look of fear on her face was only secondary in my mind to her youthful look--l6 or 17 years old--so close to the ages of my own children. I know that Rose, the 75 year old mother with a long time disconnected daughter at Flag, who picketed with us did not think her daughter deserved what she was getting.

People who make such comments as quoted in the previous paragraph don’t understand mind control, brainwashing, cults or even life. I’ve said it before and will repeat it--many people in America are, have been or will be vulnerable enough at some point in their life to be sucked into the best and biggest con job ever invented on this planet--$cientology. I am sure it could have happened to me.

The fact that $cientology is tax exempt adds an air of credibility to their corrupting and destructive fraud . Why was this status given by the IR$? Why is the agreement entered into by the Co$ and IR$ a sealed agreement?

What did Bill and Hillary Clinton, Web Hubbell and their cadre of Hollywood friends have to do with influencing the IR$? I want to know!

Therefore, I hereby offer a reward of $360,000 for credible information about activities carried out by Co$ that would in a meaningful way lead the IR$ to revoke the tax exempt status of this satanist cult. The information should initially be provided by September 30, 1996 and my offer will be valid for an IR$ revocation of the 501 (C) 3 status up to September 30, 1999.

The figure of $360,000 has obvious significance to me in that this is an oft quoted cost figure to achieve the highest levels of Hubbards teachings.

This means that I will reimburse the financial cost of reaching the higgest OT level to someone who is willing to do the right thing and help expose the fraud perpetrated on innocent children and taxpayers the world over. I ask Co$ insiders to consider this offer seriously. Open the Red Box for the world to see.

When I return to NH at the end of March, I will arrange to set up an escrow type arrangement and deposit the $360,000 with Morrison & Forrester(sp?) in SFO, if they will agree to take me on as a client, or, if MoFo can’t I will use a well known Boston, NY or DC law firm. When the escrow type arrangement is set up I will confirm it on the net via the law firm. In the meantime, I can be reached by mail at 137 Fremont Rd, Sandown, NH 03873. Phone is listed. Or on the net.

I make the above offer in the full knowledge that I won’t be harassed by Co$ or their hired goons like Kendrick “unindited co-conspirator” Moxon or Gene Ingram. How can I be so sure? Because all the Co$ bigwigs who showed up for our insignificant picketing repeatedly stated to the press that: it’s all about copyright--we don’t harass people unless our copyright is violated. I wonder how such a statement sounds to Richard Behar and Paulette Cooper?

As Dennis Erlich said concluding his remarks during the press conference following the protest on March 9th, “I’m going to be in $cientologys’ face from now on, making sure that the public knows . . ..‘I Me too scienos. Like a fellow picketer sang on her CD as I drove out of Clearwater, it’s time to “Shake the hive.”

Bob Minton

Citizen Against $cientology Harassment